In some cases it’s really useful to have your own US Address. For example for shopping because a lot of products are much cheaper in the US than in other countries. The problem is that US shops don’t deliver internationally but only to USA. In this case you need to have your US Address.

If you want to get your own US Address, even if you are a foreigner you can get it in a couple of minutes by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for Planet Express account

Step 2: Check your email

Step 3: Activate your account by adding the first deposit

Step 4: Now you will see your new US address where you can receive your mails and packages

And what can you do with your virtual address? You can receive any type of package or mail! Once you receive a new package we notify you by email. Then you can tell us what to do with your package, for example take a photo of content, add extra bubble wrap or anything you want. The other good feature is consolidation which means that we can put for example 3 small packages into one big box. Thanks to it you can get the biggest saving on shipping! Last step is to ship your package anywhere in the world with our best rates, just check our pricing.