20 Best Stores Where to Buy High-Quality Bedding in 2020

After our successful article on Where to buy top-quality towels, we have a sequel for you. This time, however, we will not focus on specific products but we are going to present the US online stores where to buy sheets, blankets, pillows, and other bedding for your bedroom.

20 bedding stores
Feel free to shop bedding in one of the stores below

Why your Bedding Matter?

Before you start shopping, it is good to realize why you should pay attention to the choice of your new bedding. Your sleep is one of the most important activities during your day (and the whole life). Although it seems that your body does nothing, your brain processes the information gathered throughout the day (creating new connections, making decisions, leaching out toxins, etc.). Good sleep is important to make this process more effective.

Good sleep is the alpha and omega of a happy life. Therefore, it is good to realize what influences it. In addition to the amount of artificial (blue) light, your sleep regime, temperature, noise and, for example, the amount of food eaten before you go sleep, the quality of the mattress, pillows, and bedding. We are going to focus on these last factors in this article.

In some of the shops below, you will find, besides bedding, also mattresses, but we made the choice of shops primarily for bedding purposes.


AllModern Beddings
AllModern Bedding

You will find all kinds of bedding (sheets, bed linen, blankets), as well as mattresses, beds and other types of furniture at AllModern. If you do not know how to equip your apartment/house, you can get inspired in the gallery right on their website, where you can find a collection of different designs.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: allmodern.com


Amazon Beddings
Amazon Bedding

Amazon is known for selling almost everything. Bedding is no exception. Products are clearly categorized, so you won’t have difficulties to find the product or look you’re looking for. And if a particular manufacturer does not ship to your country, there is an easy solution.

Free Shipping: depending on the seller
Website: amazon.com

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath Beyond Beddings
Bed Bath Beyond Bedding

As the name of the shop suggests, besides the equipment of your bed, you will also buy products suitable for other parts of your home (both the bathroom and the kitchen, living room, dining room, cellar, etc.). At Bed Bath and Beyond, we especially appreciate the product descriptions as well as real pictures of individual products.

Free Shipping: for orders over $39
Website: bedbathandbeyond.com


Brooklinen Beddings
Brooklinen Bedding

We recommended Brooklinen in the article about towels already. You will find here modern designs and most of all a lot of customer reviews, thanks to which you will choose really quality bedding, pillows, blankets, and other equipment for your bedroom.

Free Shipping: NO
Website: brooklinen.com


Casper Beddings
Casper Bedding

Casper is famous for its high-quality mattresses. However, they also added bedding to their offer. Although the offer is not so wide, you can be sure that you pay for quality goods.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: casper.com

Crane & Canopy

Crane Canopy Beddings
Crane Canopy Bedding

At Crane & Canopy, we were impressed by the minimalist and simple patterns of bed linen and other bedroom accessories. If you are looking for luxury goods, you can find it here.

Free Shipping: NO
Website: craneandcanopy.com

Do you need a US delivery address for stores that don’t offer international shipping?


Ettitude Beddings
Ettitude Bedding

Ettitude bedding is a little different from the others on our list. They are made of organic materials, especially bamboo. The manufacturer states that their products are highly breathable. Customers appreciate the softness and luxury look.

Free Shipping: for orders over $50
Website: ettitude.com


Gyphon Beddings
Gyphon Bedding

At Gryphon, we were particularly interested in the “selection guide”. You can choose from 3 different categories:

  1. Luxury bedding
  2. Comfortable bedding
  3. Easy-to-clean bedding

Free Shipping: YES
Website: gryphonhome.com


Kohls Beddings
Kohl’s Bedding

At the Kohl’s store, for which we have also written a complete guide on How to ship goods from Kohl’s internationally, we are particularly pleased with the wide range of colors and designs. Some bedding is even in action 1 + 50% discount on the next piece.

Free Shipping: for orders over $75
Website: kohls.com

Loomstead UPDATE 2020: Site is Closed

Loomstead Beddings
Loomstead Bedding

Loomstead offers many kinds of bedding made of different materials. For example, if you are looking for cotton, bamboo or Belgian linen, you will find it here. In addition, you can enjoy a 25% discount on all products during the summer. Just enter the code SUMMER25.

Free Shipping: for orders over $49
Website: loomstead.com


Macys Beddings
Macy’s Bedding

Macy’s is a chain of stores similar to the previously mentioned Amazon or Kohls. Everybody can choose here. The Macy’s offer includes cheaper bedding, middle-class bedding and more luxurious bedding at prices over $ 500.

Free Shipping: for orders over $75
Website: macys.com


Overstock Beddings
Overstock Bedding

With a little exaggeration, Overstock combines shopping and game. Before you can choose your new bedding, you will see a wheel of luck where you can dial for free shipping or a discount on your order.

Free Shipping: for orders over $45
Website: overstock.com


Parachute Beddings
Parachute Bedding

If you want to feel like falling from the sky through the clouds when you go to sleep, you should consider Parachute. They focus on selling high-quality bedding, sheets, mattresses, beds, just everything you need for your bedroom or bathroom.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: parachutehome.com

Peach Skin Sheets

PeachSkinSheets Beddings
Peach Skin Sheets Bedding

Peach Skin Sheets will offer you plenty of monochrome bed linens, sheets, and pillows, but the range of colors is really endless. You can also benefit from hundreds of verified customer reviews before each purchase.

Free Shipping: YES (use a code REST)
Website: peachskinsheets.com

Restoration Hardware

RH Beddings
Restoration Hardware Bedding

Although the name of this store may give the impression that the main focus is on selling hardware like computers, mobile devices, etc., the opposite is true. Restoration Hardware sells high-quality bedding, sheets, beds, and other furnishings for your bedroom. Of course, there are plenty of available colors and excellent product photos.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: restorationhardware.com


Riley Beddings
Riley Bedding

Riley sells high-quality products for which you need to pay something extra. We were convinced of the quality of their products by customer reviews. There are hundreds of them. In the reviews prevail words such as “comfort, excellent material, high quality …”. Riley is definitely worth a try.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: rileyhome.com


Target Beddings
Target Bedding

Target, unlike several previous, luxury stores, offers more affordable bedding in categories up to $25 and $50. Although some products may seem very cheap and low quality, thanks to thousands of customer reviews you can filter them and choose the pieces that are worth it.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: target.com

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Beddings
Urban Outfitters Bedding

Urban Outfitters offers lots of bedding with original designs for prices up to $50, $100 and over $200. The offer of patterns and color combinations is really endless. Fortunately, customer reviews and the ability to sort products according to their ratings will help.

Free Shipping: for orders over $50
Website: urbanoutfitters.com


Walmart Beddings
Walmart Bedding

Since Walmart is the most widely used retail chain store with warehouses across the United States, you can take advantage of their ‘2 days free shipping’. So once you choose from hundreds of sheets, or products from other categories (almost everything can be found on Walmart), your package will be delivered really quickly.

Free Shipping: YES
Website: walmart.com


Wayfair Beddings
Wayfair Bedding

Wayfair will delight you especially with a very clear menu of individual product categories. With thousands of customer reviews, it is also much easier to choose from hundreds of different bedding. You will find there countless designs and colors in different price categories.

Free Shipping: for orders over $49
Website: wayfair.com

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