Best Places to Buy High-Quality Bedding in 2020

After our successful article on Where to buy top-quality towels, we have a sequel for you. This time, however, we will not focus on specific products but we are going to present the best places to buy bedding. Shop online for sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. for your bedroom from the comfort of your home.

Why Does Your Bedding Matter?

Before you start shopping, it is good to realize why you should pay attention to the choice of your new bedding. Your sleep is one of the most important activities during your day (and the whole life). Although it seems that your body does nothing, your brain processes the information gathered throughout the day (creating new connections, making decisions, leaching out toxins, etc.). Good sleep is important to make this process more effective.

Matt Walker presents tips on How to improve your sleep

During our lives we spent years sleeping, so why don’t you please your rest with not only comfortable but also esthetic beddings?

Good sleep is the alpha and omega of a happy life. Therefore, it is good to realize what influences it. In addition to the amount of artificial (blue) light, your sleep regime, temperature, noise, and, for example, the amount of food eaten before you go sleep, the quality of the mattress, pillows, and bedding. There is plenty of stores that offer beautiful bed covers, but here we are to recommend stores with not only high quality but also affordable products.

Below, there are 20 best places to buy bedding. Besides bedding, these online stores also sell mattresses, pillows, sheets, beds, and other furniture, and accessories.


Prices: from $10
Free Shipping: YES

AllModern Beddings
AllModern Bedding

AllModern provides you all you need for your sleep to be as comfortable as possible. Soft sheets, bed linen of all colors, fluffy blankets, as well as mattresses, beds, and other types of furniture. The offer is really huge, you can choose from all styles, from Scandinavian to farmhouse, from more expensive but also affordable pieces of the highest quality, and if you do not know how to equip your apartment/house, you can get inspired in the gallery right on their website, where you can find a collection of different designs. You can also take advantage of the huge offer of discount bedding sheets, which gives you an even better choice to get modern bedding for a great price.


Prices: from $1
Free Shipping: depending on the seller

Amazon Beddings
Amazon Bedding

Amazon is known for selling almost everything. Bedding is no exception. Products are clearly categorized, so you won’t have difficulties finding the product that you’re looking for. The best thing is that there is a great number of sellers so the offer is really great. From modern bedding to the classic one, from cute bedsheets to simple linens, you will be able to find the best one for you. You have a choice to choose not only cheap bedspreads but also the quality and modern bedding. And if a particular manufacturer does not ship to your country, there is an easy solution. Anyway, Amazon is definitely one of the best places to buy sheets.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Prices: from $5
Free Shipping: for orders over $39

Bed Bath Beyond Beddings
Bed Bath Beyond Bedding

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the favorite stores where to buy not only bedding. As the name of the shop suggests, besides the equipment of your bed, you will also buy products suitable for other parts of your home (both the bathroom and the kitchen, living room, dining room, cellar, etc.). You will be able to choose from quality linen, simple sheets of many colors, or pretty bedspreads with various patterns for lower but also higher prices. At Bed Bath and Beyond, we especially appreciate the product descriptions as well as real pictures of individual products.

Here are some products we recommend you mostly from the offer of Bed Bath Beyond Bedding:

Note: if you have difficulties getting access to this website (mostly in countries outside the US) try to connect through VPN.


Prices: from $30
Free Shipping: NO

Brooklinen Beddings
Brooklinen Bedding

This store offers simple but very esthetic quality bedding, pillows, blankets, and other equipment for bedroom. The design and material are really luxurious but the prices are still affordable. Once you try these sheets you will want to spend even more time in your bed. You can save some money buying bedding bundles that include sheet set, duvet cover and 2 pillowcases or take advantage of other discount bedding sheet. Besides the bed settling Brooklinen Bedding offers also soft and quality towels or many other products that can please your house. Reasonable reviews of the customers can facilitate the decision.


Prices: from $38
Free Shipping: YES

Casper Beddings
Casper Bedding

Casper is famous for its high-quality mattresses, however, they also added bedding to their offer. Although the offer is not so wide, the quality meets the best standards and the customer support is there for you whatever questions you have. Casper promises you airy, cool, and weightless bedding made from premium, natural and eco-friendly materials with thoughtful design. You can also check their new comforting weighted blanket, cozy duvets, mattress protectors, or other unique bedspreads.

Crane & Canopy

Prices: from $21
Free Shipping: NO

Crane Canopy Beddings
Crane Canopy Bedding

At Crane & Canopy is definitely the best place to buy cute bedding with minimalist and simple patterns, unique and pretty bed sets, and other bedroom accessories. From the styles of every kind, you will definitely be able to choose the best bedding for you. The goods are not only high quality but also for a great price and if you are lucky you will catch one of the big sales! Get inspired by the cool bedding ideas using the Crane & Canopy bedding.

Do you need a US delivery address for stores that don’t offer international shipping?


Prices: from $30
Free Shipping: for orders over $50

Ettitude Beddings
Ettitude Bedding

Ettitude bedding is a little different from the others on our list. They are made of organic materials, especially bamboo. The manufacturer states that their products are highly breathable. Customers appreciate the softness and luxury look and since they are made hypoallergic, everyone is able to find the bedding that suits you best. The store is highly transparent and offers you the information about each material or process so you may be really sure what you buy. These unique bedspreads will make your sleep healthy and quality and your bed pretty and comfortable.


Prices: $129
Free Shipping: YES

Gyphon Beddings
Gryphon Bedding

We all know hot summer nights when sleep is hard to come to because your sheets are getting warmer and warmer. Gryphon offers you quality beddings that cool off summer nights but makes you sleep well also in the winter. The design is very simple so it will perfectly match your minimalist room. These sheets made your bed incredibly soft, comfortable, and reflect your sleeping style and preferences. Choose modern bedspreads from categories of Luxury Suite, Comfort Washed, or Easy-Care Performance Sheet Set. If you are not sure which bedding is the best for you, get inspired by customer reviews.


Prices: from $9
Free Shipping: for orders over $75

Kohls Beddings
Kohl’s Bedding

This online store offers you really a huge range of pretty and cute beddings with every kind of style, colors, or designs. There are various sales or discounts so you can choose from different prices while the quality is always included. And if you already choose your dream sheet, check also the offer of other products for your home, work or free time. Don’t worry about shipping internationally from Kohl’s, we are here for you to take care of it!


Prices: from $10
Free Shipping: for orders over $75

Macys Beddings
Macy’s Bedding

Everyone can choose from Macy’s great offer of bed sheets, pillows, duvets, or blankets. There are various lovely and cheap bedspreads, middle-class, or more luxurious bedding for higher prices. From the offer of modern bedding, cute comforters, or pretty bed sets you will be able to choose ones that meet your style and that will perfectly decorate your room. You can always check the products that are actually on the sale so the price is even more affordable. Don’t forget to check also Macy’s towels that will complete your comfort at home.


Price: $10
Free Shipping: for orders over $45

Overstock Bedding
Overstock Bedding

This store offers you everything you need to decore your home, including unique bed sheets, pillows, or duvets of various styles and designers. You can also get inspired by their cool bedding ideas on how to decore your room or follow their guides to get expert tips. Products are sorted also depending on the style so it is much easier to choose what you prefer and what match with your furniture. If you are lucky you can catch one of the extra sales that gives you an opportunity to buy quality bedding for even better price!


Prices: from $19
Free Shipping: YES

Parachute Beddings
Parachute Bedding

If you want to feel like falling from the sky through the clouds when you go to sleep, you should consider Parachute. They focus on selling high-quality bedding, sheets, mattresses, beds, just everything you need for your bedroom but also for the bathroom. The bedding is expertly crafted by the world’s finest artisans, while the color scales are relative to various shades of the sky, calming and relaxing. With Parachute Bedding you will feel like in heaven.

Peach Skin Sheets

Prices: $29
Free Shipping: YES (with an available code)

PeachSkinSheets Beddings
Peach Skin Sheets Bedding

Peach Skin Sheets promise you cooler and drier nights with plenty of monochrome bed linens, sheets, and pillows made from performance fabric. The range of colors is endless but you can also get inspired by the colors of the month to choose the best bedding with a great discount. You can also benefit from hundreds of verified customer reviews before each purchase and customer support is available through simple chat to answer all your questions. Cute bedding of Peach Skin Sheets will open you new opportunities on how to decorate your room.


Prices: from $10
Free Shipping: YES (with a code)
PotteryBarn Bedding

One of the favorite places where to buy beddings and much more to delight and please your home. You can easily shop by category and choose from many price categories. When you have any design questions, experts will help you with some cool bedding ideas and advice through chat. Unique bedspreads will make your bad look really luxurious, moreover, make it the most comfortable bad ever. You can also catch one of the great sales the store provides and save some money!

Here are some products we recommend you mostly from the offer of Bed Pottery Barn:

Note: if you have difficulties getting access to this website (mostly in countries outside the US) try to connect through VPN.

Restoration Hardware

Prices: from $16
Free Shipping: YES

RH Beddings
Restoration Hardware Bedding

Restoration Hardware sells high-quality bedding, sheets, beds, and other furnishings not only for your bedroom. The unique design makes your bed looks really luxurious and the offer reflects plenty of styles, designs, or colors. You can get also inspired by the galleries full of cool bedding ideas for perfect furnished spaces or request the design consultation. You can also check other products of Restoration Hardware such as duvet covers, sheets, pillows but also furnishing that makes whole your home look perfect.

Here are some products we recommend you mostly from the offer of Restoration Hardware:


Prices: from $32
Free Shipping: YES

Riley Beddings
Riley Bedding

If you want quality bedding with the unique design and pleasant material, the best place to buy it is Riley for sure. The Portuguese Quality reflects also in the price, but it is definitely worth it. And if you for some reason wouldn’t be so satisfied, you can always take advantage of a 100-day trial. Riley bedding promises you a luxury experience and lightweight, breathable, and cozy sheets make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Modern bedspreads spotlessly decorate your bedroom and get you feeling of uniqueness.


Prices: from $7
Free Shipping: YES

Target Beddings
Target Bedding

Target is here to inspire you by an endless number of unique and cool bedspreads to upgrade your living space. Target bedding quills are not only affordable but also cute and pretty and moreover you can learn a lot from the guides and ideas for any of your style or mood. Thanks to Target you can change your room to cozy and modern using also cheap bedspreads. You can take advantage of various discounts, deals, or sales. The special offers are always new and shopping from this store is never a waste of time.

Here are some products we recommend you mostly from the offer of Target:

Urban Outfitters

Prices: from $22
Free Shipping: for orders over $50

Urban Outfitters Beddings
Urban Outfitters Bedding

Urban Outfitters offers lots of bedding with original designs for a huge range of prices, designs, or styles. The offer of patterns and color combinations is really endless and the lovely bedding will make your bed not only cozy and comfortable but also pretty and unique. If you have any difficulties to choose from the great offer, customer reviews and the ability to sort products according to their ratings should help. You can also get inspired by lifestyle and beauty ideas on how to decorate your home!


Prices: from $5
Free Shipping: YES

Walmart Beddings
Walmart Bedding

You can find almost everything on Walmart and the bedding is no an exception. Thanks to its huge offer of products it is a good place to choose the best bedding for you. It may be hard to choose from endless options of colors, patterns, and designs for the best prices that’s why Walmart offers you filters or sorting, and also the customer reviews can help. Since Walmart is the most widely used retail chain store with warehouses across the United States, you can take advantage of their ‘2 days free shipping’. So once you choose from hundreds of sheets, or products from other categories, your package will be delivered really quickly.


Prices: from $10
Free Shipping: for orders over $35

Wayfair Beddings
Wayfair Bedding

Wayfair offers you a great amount of cute and pretty beddings but you can choose also some luxurious or modern pieces. You can also get inspired by some cool bedding ideas to perfectly decorate your room. You can also check all other products to please every room in your house and check big sales and other special offers. Wayfair will delight you especially with a very clear menu of individual product categories. With thousands of customer reviews, it is also much easier to choose from a great offer. You will find there countless designs and colors in different price categories.

The Best Places To Buy Bedding FAQ

? What is the best place to buy bedding?

There is a lot of online stores that offer quality bedding of all kinds, colors, patterns, or styles. We chose the 20 best ones for you. You can find the list of our recommended stores here.

?️ What is the most comfortable bedding?

There is a great number of beddings that are so comfortable you won’t want to leave your bed at all. Fluffy, airy, warm, and cozy, but how to choose the most comfortable? Check our list of recommended stores where you will definitely find your best one! A little help from customer reviews or chat with designer experts is included!

✈️ How to ship bedding internationaly from online US stores?

There is a great number of stores that offer bedsheets, bedspreads, pillows, duvets, and all other bedding in the US. However, not every one of them offers international shipping! Feel free to take the opportunity from Planet Express service that will deliver bedding right in front of your doors wherever in the world you are!


If you prefer modern and minimalistic style or you are more into funky, cute, and pattern sheets, now, thanks to the range of available online stores you have a chance to find the best bedding for you or your beloved ones. We know it is hard to choose from a huge offer of the stores, but now you have the opportunity to sort products, filter them, check the customer reviews, or discuss products with design experts. With our list of best places to buy bedding, it has never been easier. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these options and also don’t forget to get some cool bedding ideas from simple manufacturers!