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NO HIDDEN FEES in shipping price. You only pay for the services you order.
Feel free to compare our shipping prices with competitors – postage calculator.

Many products are available online but not every retailer ships to international addresses. Some retailers do ship to many countries, but are not able to pack products efficiently or provide the lowest shipping cost. You can get your own U.S. or U.K. address and use it for your online purchases. 

Shop online in U.S. or U.K.

Each item will be shipped individually and postage will be charged for each package

Consolidate to save money
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If you collect all packages in our warehouse we can consolidate them in one bigger box. That is the main way how to save money on shipping.

Save up to 80% on shipping

We ship big volume of package and that’s why we get big discount on shipping. We pass the discount to our customers.

What are the main benefits of Planet Express Shipping

More addresses for shopping. We offer warehouses in California, Oregon and the United Kingdom.  No sales tax in Oregon location (available for Premium mailbox).

Bigger volume = More Shipping Discounts More volume we process the more discounts we get from shipping companies (FedEx, DHL, etc.) We pass the discounts to our customers so you save big on shipping. Check our shipping calculator.   

Consolidation of packages. Our power users know the best secret how to save even more money on shipping. You can ship two packages individually, but if you combine them during consolidation, the shipping cost can be reduced by 50-80%.  

Multiple Shipping methods. We work with many shipping partners so you have a lot of choice what shipping method to use.

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