How to Open Claim Request?

Logistics is very complex and unfortunately, sometimes happens that packages get damaged or even lost. We are really sorry if you belong to the small percentage of people that experienced trouble like this. But, don’t worry. We are going to show you how to open a claim request for damaged and lost packages so you can get your money back.

Please, follow these steps in order to open a claim request.

Step #1: Open the Package Details

Open the package details. Go to your account and the ‘Sent Packages’ tab. Find the package that has been lost or damaged and click on the green magnifier icon. 

open claim details
Open package details

Step #2: Place the Claim Request

In the table below, you can find limits and times for opening a claim request.

The OPEN CLAIM button will be available after the number of MIN business days for the Lost package for the maximum amount of days in the MAX column.

The OPEN CLAIM button will be available after the number of MIN business days for the Damaged package for the maximum amount of days in the MAX column.

ServiceDelivery Speed
[business days]
TrackingLost package
[number of days]
Damaged package
[number of days]
InternationalFedExInternational Economy4-7full tracking714314
FedExInternational Priority3-5full tracking714314
DHLExpress Worldwide2-4full tracking714314
AramexPriority Parcel Express5-8full tracking1430530
AramexEconomy Parcel Express8-12full tracking1430530
USPSPriority10-12slow update30451545
USPSExpress7-10slow update30451545
Postal ServiceFully Tracked10-12slow update30451545
Planet MailEconomy30no tracking45601560
Planet MailExpress17-25basic tracking45601560
DomesticFedExFedEx Express Saver1-4full tracking714114
FedExFedEx Ground2-5full tracking714114
DomesticUSPS Priority2-4full tracking714114
DomesticUSPS First Class4-6full tracking1025225
United KindomFedExInternational Economy4-7full tracking714314
FedExInternational Priority3-5full tracking714314
DPDClassic3-6full tracking714314
Planet MailPremium7-10full tracking30451545

Your Package Has Been Damaged…

The claim request button in the package detail allows the customer to report the Lost and Damaged package.

open claim open claim
Open claim request for the damaged or lost package

After clicking OPEN CLAIM – DAMAGED PACKAGE, please, upload pictures of the damaged package. 

open claim upload pictures
Upload pictures of the damage

Your Package Has Been Lost…

If your package was lost, click the OPEN CLAIM – LOST PACKAGE and wait until we resolve it with the carrier. This can take up to 30 business days so please, be patient. 

Once we process the claim request, you will be refunded to your Planet Express account the price of the shipping, the value of the package you filled in the customs declaration, and the costs of additional services. You can also request refunding the money to your PayPal.