How to Place MPS Mailout Request?

how to place mps request

You can choose from 2 different mailout options in Planet Express administration. We offer normal mailout (more about it on How to Ship a Package page), and FedEx Multi-package Shipment (MPS) mailout. We are going to explain what is the difference between these two mailouts and how to place the MPS mailout request. Normal vs … Read more

How to Open Claim Request?

Logistics is very complex and unfortunately, sometimes happens that packages get damaged or even lost. We are really sorry if you belong to the small percentage of people that experienced trouble like this. But, don’t worry. We are going to show you how to open a claim request for damaged and lost packages so you … Read more

Duty and TAX de minimis Thresholds

Duty Tax De Minimis Thresholds

See our overview of the duty and TAX de minimis limits for shipments from the US to each country we ship to. Please use the links below to gather more information on Customs Duty and TAX. *The value of the package is a sum of the value in the customs declaration, price of the shipping … Read more

How to Fill Out Customs Declaration?

how to fill in customs declaration

The customs declaration is a formal document useful for customs officers. Thanks to it they have a better overview of the goods imported to their country. You can fill out the customs declaration online in our administration.  Why To Fill Out Customs Declaration? Your package won’t be sent without properly completed customs declaration. Remember, if … Read more

How to Add/Change Your Delivery Address?

how to add and change address

One of the many benefits of the Planet Express account is that you can add several delivery addresses. This option is great for those who want to ship packages to their families, friends, and customers. You just need to add an additional address. Log-in to your account and go to MY ADDRESSES tab: [1] Add a … Read more

How to Place Special, or Photo Request?

As part of services, you can choose from services like Special, and Photo Requests. On the following lines, we explain to you what is each request useful for and how to submit it. How to Place New Request In Planet Express Administration? Feel free to watch our video tutorial below or read the instructions below: … Read more

How to Upgrade to Premium Mail Box

how to upgrade your account

At Planet Express, you can use Free Mail Box or Premium Mail Box. By activating the Premium Mail Box, you will get access to package consolidation, Multi Package Shipments, and an extended 45-day free storage for your packages. You can, follow the instructions in the video, or read our tutorial below. Log in to your … Read more

How to Ship a Package to Your Delivery Address?

how to ship a package

If you want to send a package you have at your Planet Express address, you have to place the so-called ‘Mailout Request’. Watch the following video or read our instructions below. How To Place The Mailout Request? Placing the Mailout Request can be described in 3 steps. Step #1: Make sure the package does not … Read more

How to Report an Error?

how to report an error

By reporting an Error with the package, you can quickly and easily let us know that something is wrong with the package. Maybe the pictures are blurred, or the package weight/dimensions are not the same as the one provided by the seller. By placing a Report Error you will let us know about it and … Read more

How to Consolidate Your Packages?

how to consoldiate packages

Package consolidation is one of the ways how to save even more money on international shipping. Consolidation means merging several packages into one. We offer package consolidation for our premium members only, so make sure you activate it before you try to place a consolidation request. How to Place Consolidation Request? To consolidate packages read … Read more