How to Upgrade to Premium Mail Box

At Planet Express, you can use Free Mail Box or Premium Mail Box. By activating the Premium Mail Box, you will get access to package consolidation, Multi Package Shipments, and an extended 45-day free storage for your packages.

You can, follow the instructions in the video, or read our tutorial below.

Log in to your Planet Express account and click on the UPGRADE button.

image 1
image 1

Select the subscription period and the payment method you preffer. If you are a frequest shopper, we recommend using our annual membership. Once you confirm and pay for the order, your membership will be activated.

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Premium Mail Box FAQ

✅ How much does Premium Mail Box cost and what I get?

The Premium Mail Box costs $10 per month or $50 per year.

Here is what you get:
– access to Consolidations and Multi Package Shipments
– an extended 45-day free storage for your packages. (90-days free storage in Florida)

? Does Premium Mail Box renew automatically?

No, the Premium Mail Box is renewed only upon your request.

? Can I cancel my Premium Mail Box?

Unfortunately not, the premium membership is nonrefundable.