Today's tutorial is for those who want to shop at American Amazon but they don't know, how to fill in the Planet Express address correctly. For better understanding, the guide is illustrated with pictures, so you should be clear on how to do it after reading it. The whole process will be explained in 3 simple steps. This manual assumes that you already have an account with Planet Express to get your own virtual US address. If you do not already have one, sign up for free.

Step 1 – Switch to American Version Of Amazon Website

The very first step before the purchase is to switch Amazon to the American version. You can do this either by clicking on or manually by selecting the United States as a country on the at the bottom of the page (see photo).

amazon version

Step 2 – Choose Products And Go To Shopping Cart

As soon as you select the goods and go to the shopping cart, you will be prompted to log in to account. If you don't have one, create it by clicking on "Create your Amazon account".

amazon login

In the address, details fill in your Planet Express address. If you do not have your own virtual address in the US with Planet Express, please sign up here. Your address will look like this:

amazon address details

The most important thing is to fill in your unique number in the form "#A1234". In the "Phone Number" field, you can use our phone number. This number occasionally calls the postman when delivering the package.

Step 3 – Pay The Order And Wait For The Goods

After payment (you can choose from many payment methods), just wait a few days (depending on the delivery method you selected) before the package arrives at our warehouse (to your US address). Once your package is delivered to our warehouse, we will contact you by e-mail about delivery. Then you just choose the delivery method from the USA to your country in the administration and it's done.

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