How to Add Deposit and Activate your Planet Express Address?

Having a US address can open huge possibilities for you. You can order products from the US stores, receive mail in the USA, consolidate packages, and much more. Feel free to read our tutorial below and get your US address for free.

How Can I Get a Free US Address?

You need to register on our website in order to get a US address for free. We will explain to you how to do it in the following lines, or you can also watch the video below.

You can get a completely sales-tax-free address too. Just upgrade from Free Mail Box to Premium Mail Box, and you will get access to our address in Oregon!

Choose your preferred language (English, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic) during registration. You also need to fill in a few details about you (name, email, country) and password.

We recommend using tools such as 1Password or LastPass, or another one you prefer to generate a secure password. These tools can generate a strong password and then save it. Therefore, you need to remember one ‘Master’ password only.

Confirm Your Email Address

In order to communicate with you via email, we need you to confirm your email address. To do so, click the confirmation button inside the email after receiving our activation email.

Verify your email address

Activate Your Address by Adding a Deposit

To activate your US address, add the $5 deposit. We offer several payment methods. We accept credit card payments, PayPal, wire transfers, Amazon Pay, and also Bitcoin.

payment method credit card
You can pay with your credit card…
payment method paypal
payment method wire transfer
wire transfer
payment method amazon pay
Amazon Pay
payment method bitcoin
and we accept Bitcoin too!

The $5 deposit will be added to your Planet Express account immediately. So, you can pay with it for your first order.

Choose a specific payment method in administration. Then follow the instructions for the specific payment method.

How Does The Activated US Address Look Like?

The activated Planet Express address for our Californian warehouse has the following format:

Name Surname
17224 S. Figueroa Street, Suite #B1234
Gardena, CA (California) 90248

You can find your US address in your Account Dashboard. You can use it, for example, to shop from popular American online stores, to receive mail in the US, to store and consolidate your packages, etc.

Planet Express dashboard with an activated US address

US Address FAQ

?? How to get a US address?

Go to the Planet Express website, sign up and you will get a US address in California free of charge.

% Do you also offer a sales-tax-free address?

Yes, we do! At Planet Express, you can get a Californian address for free or Oregon address which is completely sales-tax-free with our premium membership that costs $10 per month or $50 per year.

How does the Planet Express address look like?

Californian address by Planet Express has the following format:

Name Surname
17224 S. Figueroa Street, Suite #B1234
Gardena, CA (California) 90248