Get International Shipping From John Lewis UK

John Lewis & Partners belongs to one of the most popular retail stores in the UK. They offer goods for home & garden, but also furniture & lights, electronics, cosmetics and much more.

Unfortunately for some, John Lewis doesn’t offer international shipping for every country. And if there is international shipping available, there are restrictions for some kind of goods (e.g. electronics, furniture, cosmetics, etc.).

The question is, how to get international shipping from John Lewis without almost no restrictions? We will provide you with an answer in 3 simple steps:

• Step #1: Get Your UK Address With Planet Express
• Step #2: Enjoy Online Shopping From John Lewis UK
• Step #3: Get John Lewis UK International Shipping For Your Package
• John Lewis UK Shipping FAQ

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BREXIT: Until the end of 2020, trade relations between the UK and the European Union will be the same. We will inform you in advance about changes planned since 2021.

Step #1: Get Your UK Address With Planet Express

As mentioned in the beginning, some goods from cannot be shipped directly to every country in the world. And if so, there may be restrictions for goods you wanna ship. Read the list of restricted goods on the JohnLewis website.

You can avoid these restrictions with our package forwarding service. We are able to forward goods from the UK to the rest of the world including the EU, Australia, the US, and other major countries. Sign up for free to get your UK address today so you can order goods from John Lewis.

You can get the UK address with us for free within 5 minutes. Visit our How to activate your Planet Express address page. To get the address directly, sign up:

…or, calculate the price of the shipping with our postage calculator.


Start with our free plan or go premium to save even more by consolidating your packages into one.

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Step #2: Enjoy Online Shopping From John Lewis UK

If you activated your UK address based on step 1. you can find it on your account dashboard. The Planet Express UK address has the following format:

Name Surname
7 Greys Court, Suite #A****
Kingsland Grange
Warrington, WA1 4SH

The suite ID is especially important. It consists of a character (A, B, C…) and 4 numbers (#A1234). When shopping at online stores, you can use the suite ID without the # symbol too (A1234).

Let’s say you wanna order the ceiling lighting.

1 John Lewis Item
Example of goods you may buy at (click to enlarge)

Once you add the goods you wanna buy to your ‘basket’, you can proceed to payment. Open your basket and continue to checkout.

2 John Lewis Basket
The basket at (click to enlarge)

Now you will be asked to sign in to your John Lewis account or continue as a guest. Make sure you fill in a correct email address.

3 John Lewis Guest
Shop as a guest (click to enlarge)

You can choose whether you wanna pick up the goods or deliver it to some delivery address. Select the ‘Delivery’option.

4 John Lewis Delivery or Collection
Delivery / Collection (click to enlarge)

Complete the delivery address. Fill in your Planet Express address you got in step #1. Make sure you include the suite ID too.

John Lewis UK delivery address new
Planet Express delivery address (click to enlarge)

Once you complete the delivery address, select the delivery method to our warehouse in the UK.

6 John Lewis Delivery
Available delivery methods across the UK (click to enlarge)

Pay for the order with one of the payment methods.

7 John Lewis Payment
Payment methods available at (click to enlarge)

What to do When you Receive the Goods?

After you order the goods from John Lewis, wait for the notification email from us. Once you receive it, it means that your package has been delivered to our warehouse. If nothing happens for a long time, it can mean the following:

1. The email has been delivered (this means the package has been delivered to our warehouse) but it is marked as spam. Please, check your spam/promotion folders. The package is in your account and you can proceed to the next step.
2. The package has not been delivered yet
a) It is still on its way – wait for a few more days.
b) You are a victim of a scam of the seller (contact the John Lewis support).
3. The package has been delivered to our warehouse but there is a missing suite ID. We were not able to link the package to your account so it has been marked as an UNKNOWN PACKAGE. Please, contact us and send us an invoice or screenshot of the order so we are sure the package belongs to you. Then it is going to be added to your account.

Step #3: Get John Lewis UK International Shipping For Your Package

You have to complete the customs declaration before we can send your package from the UK to your country.

Then you just choose the shipping method and wait for the carrier to deliver the package to your delivery address. For detailed instructions on how to send a package from our warehouse, visit the following page How to ship a package.

John Lewis UK Shipping FAQ

? Does John Lewis UK deliver abroad?

Yes, John Lewis UK can deliver abroad but to a limited number of countries only (source).
If you want to get products from John Lewis UK to any country, read our tutorial on How to get international shipping from John Lewis UK.

?? Can John Lewis deliver to the USA?

No, John Lewis does not ship to the USA directly (source). You have to use a package forwarding company like Planet Express in order to ship products from the UK to the USA. Read more info here.

? How to order from John Lewis UK online and get international shipping?

Use a package forwarding company like Planet Express. It works in 3 simple steps:
#1 Step: You get a free UK address so you can receive orders from John Lewis UK in Planet Express warehouse.
#2 Step: Once Planet Express receives your package, you will get a notification email.
#3 Step: You can select the shipping method from the UK to almost any country in the world.
Feel free to read a full step by step tutorial here.

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Why are the Planet Express Rates Lower Than Using a Courier?

The whole principle of package forwarding from the UK is really simple. We collect a large number of packages at our warehouse in Warrington. As a result, we can negotiate prices with our partners (DPD, DHL, FedEx, USPS, and others) that are several times lower than if you would transport goods from by a courier on your own.

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