How to Consolidate your Packages? • Planet Express

A package consolidation is one of the ways how to save even more money (up to 80 %) on shipping. Consolidation means merging several packages into one. We offer package consolidation in our premium membership only, so make sure you activate it before you try to consolidate the packages.

How to add Consolidation Request?

Log into the customer administration and complete the customs declaration for the packages you want to consolidate. Then mark these packages by checking the opt-in box (see video below) and click on CONSOLIDATE PACKAGES button.

Select the type of consolidation. We offer 3 types:

[1] We leave packages as they are and merge them in one.
[2] We remove the seller’s packaging. This leaves only the product in its original packaging (recommended).
[3] We also remove packaging from the manufacturer, so we send the products only.