Get International Shipping From Poshmark To Any Country

Poshmark is one of the biggest online marketplaces with fashion and accessories. The variety of both sellers and brands is huge but here is the catch. Poshmark international shipping is not available (yet). Or is it?

We are going to show you how to ship products from Poshmark to Australia, Europe (including the UK, the Netherlands, etc.),… Simply to any country!

All you need to do to get international shipping from Poshmark is to use Planet Express package forwarding service. And if the seller cancels your order (see more details below), you can still place it with our Shop For Me service. It works in 3 simple steps:

• 1st Step – Sign Up with Planet Express
• 2nd Step [A] – Use Your Planet Express Address For Placing an Order At Poshmark
• 2nd Step [B] – Let Us Shop For You At (only if the seller cancels your order)
• 3rd Step – Get Poshmark International Shipping For Your Package
• Poshmark International Shipping FAQ

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UPDATE 07/20/2020: This guide has been completely rewritten based on the following email from Poshmark customer support.
“Please, note that all orders are subject to Poshmark approval, and Poshmark retains the ability to cancel an order at any time. However, we would like to reassure you that shipping to Planet Express addresses are not blocked by Poshmark. If your customers are noticing their orders are being canceled, it is most likely due to a payment issue, or because the seller canceled the order themselves.”

1st Step – Sign Up with Planet Express

Shipping from is available across the US and Canada only (source). If you live outside of these countries, for example, in Australia, there are 3 main ways how you can shop from the Poshmark online marketplace:

1. Find someone who orders from for you. This way is time-consuming and risky.
2. (Recommended) Use Planet Express package forwarding service. Read more in the 2nd step [A].
3. (If the 2nd option doesn’t work) The seller may cancel your order to our address. In that case, you can still use our Shop For Me service. We take care of the purchase for you (the whole process is described in the 2nd step [B]).

Before you can take advantage of the Planet Express package forwarding or Shop For Me service, you have to sign up with us to create an account and activate your address. Here is how to do that:

We can provide you with a free Californian address offering one of the best shipping rates and delivery times on the market, or with a completely sales-tax-free address in Portland, Oregon, this address, however, is available for our premium users only.

2nd Step [A] – Use Your Planet Express Address For Placing an Order At Poshmark

Once you activate your account, you get the US address. When placing the order at Poshmark, use it as the delivery address for your order.

Placing an order to Planet Express delivery address

When we receive your order (package) we will send you a notification email. The delivery time from Poshmark may vary (also depending on the speed of the seller) but usually, the packages are delivered within 2 weeks.

If your order goes through without any problem, proceed to 3rd step. Otherwise, there is a Shop For Me order (2nd step [B]).

2nd Step [B] – Let Us Shop For You At

If the seller cancels your order to your Planet Express address, you can still try to order the product with our Shop For Me service. There are 2 main benefits of this service:

✅ 1. You can pay us for the order with a foreign credit card (read more), or whatever payment method that suits you best.
✅ 2. Some US online stores like Poshmark don’t ship to addresses provided by package forwarding companies. Shop For Me service solves this limitation.

Place the Shop For Me Order

To place a new Shop For Me order, please, log into your account, go to the Shop For Me tab and add NEW PURCHASE.

1 Shop For Me Tab
Shop For Me tab in Planet Express administration (click to enlarge)

Now, make sure you fill in all the necessary details about the product you want to order (if you want to order more products, you can just repeat the process of adding a new item). Let’s say we want to order the following product:

Poshmark Product Kimono and Stretchy Tank
Two To Tango Kimono and Stretchy Tank (click to enlarge)

Confirm adding a new product by clicking the ADD NEW ITEM button. It will appear in the Shopping list. Once you add the items, complete the additional details about the online store (in our case If you have any further requests, use the note field so our shoppers can take care of them.

Shop For Me New Item
Add new item to your Shop For Me order (click to enlarge)

Last, but not least, make sure you include the price of the shipping from the online store to our warehouse address and the sales tax* (sales tax is usually calculated based on the delivery address when adding the product to your shopping cart). Finish the order with the FINISH ORDER button.

Shop For Me Store Details
Shop For Me order – details about the store (click to enlarge)

The status of your order is “created” now. You can see the amount of the deposit that you have to add (so we can order the goods) in the price field.

Tip: How to add the deposit?

Shop For Me Edit
Click EDIT to open Shop For Me order details (click to enlarge)

If you want to see more detailed info about your Shop For Me order, click the EDIT button. We charge a $5 flat fee (for processing the order) and 7% of the total value of your order (to cover eventual banking fees).

Shop For Me Product Details
Shop For Me order details (click to enlarge)

Make sure you add enough deposit so we can order the product(s). We usually process all Shop For Me orders within 3 business days. Orders from are delivered within 1-2 weeks to our warehouse. Once we receive your order, you will get a notification email from us and you can proceed to the 3rd step.

How Much Does It Cost to Order From Poshmark?

Now, let’s talk about the price for ordering $79 Two To Tango Kimono and Stretchy Tank. In the table below, you can see the price breakdown.

iTwo To Tango Kimono and Stretchy Tank$79
Californian sales tax$7.51
Shipping to our warehouse$7.11
Shop For Me flat fee$5
Shop For Me transaction fee (7% of subtotal)$6.55
The price breakdown for ordering product with our Shop For Me service

Please, remember, that you will have to pay for the shipping from the US to your country too. The price of international shipping varies depending on the package size & dimensions, and the shipping method. You can calculate it using our postage calculator below:


Start with our free plan or go premium to save even more by consolidating your packages into one.

Create New Account
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and have packages forwarded to anywhere in the World

NO HIDDEN FEES in the shipping price. You only pay for the services you order.
Feel free to compare our shipping prices with competitors.

To get the cheapest shipping possible use slower delivery methods like Planet Mail Express or Postal Service Fully Tracked, etc.

Note: You may also have to pay for import duties like customs and TAX.

3rd Step – Get Poshmark International Shipping For Your Package

When your package from Poshmark will be delivered to our warehouse, you receive a notification email from us. The email provides you with the most important info about your package (weight, dimensions, tracking number, etc.).

Complete the Customs Declaration

Before we can forward your package to your home, it is necessary to fill in the customs declaration. Sign in to your Planet Express account and complete it according to the instructions on How to fill the customs declaration page.

Select the Shipping Method from the US

Once you are done with the customs declaration, you can select the shipping method from the US to the UK, the Netherlands, Australia… Simply to almost any country. Feel free to read the full tutorial on How to send your package page or watch our video below.

Let us ship your package from the US

Poshmark International Shipping FAQ

✈️ Does Poshmark ship internationally?

No, currently, Poshmark doesn’t offer shipping outside of the US. Fortunately, you can use a package forwarding company like Planet Express. We offer Shop For Me service so we can order the products from Poshmark for you. Once we receive them, you select the shipping method from the USA to your country, and we forward the package right to your doorstep. And it doesn’t matter if you are from the UK, Japan, or any other country. Read more…

? How do I use Poshmark outside the US?

In order to shop from Poshmark, you need to use a package forwarding service. If the seller blocks your order to Planet Express address, you can use our Shop For Me service. It works in 3 simple steps:
#1: You sign up with us and place Shop For Me order.
#2: Our personal shoppers will order the products for you. Once we receive your order, you will get a notification email from us.
#3: You fill in the customs declaration and select the delivery method from the US to your country.
Read more…

?? Does Poshmark ship to Australia?

No, right now, Poshmark sellers don’t ship to Australia. But, there is a way how to get shipping from Poshmark to Australia. Simply place your order to your Planet Express address you get from us. Once we receive your package, we forward it to Australia. Here is how to do that…

?? Does Poshmark ship to Europe?

No, Poshmark doesn’t offer shipping to Europe (they ship to the US and Canada only). Use a package forwarding service like Planet Express. Here is how…

?? Can Poshmark ship to the UK?

No, Poshmark cannot ship directly to the UK. However, you can use our package forwarding service (and if by any means the seller cancels your order, use our Shop For Me service). We can ship products from Poshmark and forward them from the USA to the UK with ease! Read more…

? Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?

The buyer pay for the shipping on

Why Planet Express?

We provide a first-class service to our customers while maintaining a friendly face. In case of any problems you can contact us and we will help you. In addition to excellent customer support, we also offer other useful services:


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You can easily calculate the postage price in advance. Take advantage of our postage calculator. Just fill in some details and you will get an estimate of the price and delivery time.

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Why are the Planet Express Rates Lower Than Using a Courier?

The whole principle of forwarding packages from the US is really simple. We collect a large number of packages in one place. As a result, we can negotiate prices with our partners (DHL, FedEx, USPS, and others) that are several times lower than if you would ship products from Poshmark by a courier.

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