Fill Your Home with Scents of Yankee Candle

After a long day outside your home, what can be better than just relax and light on the scented candle that fills the space with the lovely smell? There is a lot of products on the market that can make your home so cozy with their light, fragrances, and design. After we introduce you to very special Homesick Candles, we would like you to get to know also Yankee Candles.

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What Is Yankee Candle Story?

There is a lovely story behind the origin of Yankee Candle. On Christmas 1969 sixteen-year-old Mike Kittredge couldn’t afford to buy a present for his mother, so he melted crayons and using other ingredients he found at home to create a candle for his mother. Not only his mother but also whole his neighborhood fell in love with this idea and that was the start of the successful brand.

Today is Yankee Candle popular in the whole world. They offer various products that can scent your home, office, or car, and a lot of additional household accessories. Their design is very special and that’s why this brand became one of the most favorites in this field. On their website, they provide you also an inspiration on how to decore your house and you can check also one of their tips, advice, or even receipts on how to create the feeling of the warm home.

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Yankee Candle

What Makes Yankee Candle Special?

Nowadays, it is no problem at all to find scented candles on the market, so why people fell in love with this brand so much? What makes the Yankee Candle so special?

Many years of research and experiences reflect the quality and unusual types of products. There is a huge range of fragrances that you can choose from. You can select festive fragrances such as Christmas Cookie or Cranberry Ice, Wedding Day candle, a candle that smells like food and spice or like blanket, towels, or cotton. The offer is really huge and the original ideas will win you over for sure.

Yankee Candle scented candles

These scented candles are also lovely to look at, you can choose from different colors, sizes, or designs. There are Jar Candles, Tumbler Candles, Pillar Candles, even 3-wick Candles all in great design. You can also create your own Personalized Candle, while you can select candle style and fragrance and also add a photo and express yourself on the candle’s label. This can make a lovely and original gift for your beloved ones.

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Personalized candles of Yankee Candle

Not only the unusual offer of scents and styles makes these candles so special, but the process of the creation is also sustainable and socially responsible. The company committed to sustainability and is focusing on the responsible use of energy, minimization of waste, and providing sustainable packaging. All of the candles are made from vegan paraffin wax, except for beeswax taper candles.

Which Yankee Candle Products We Recommend?

The offer of the Yankee Candle products is great, and it is tough to choose which one is the best for you. That’s why we created a list of Yankee Candle scented candles that we recommend the most.

Afternoon Escape

Fragrance Notes: Top note of Lemon and Cypress; with middle Geranium, Jasmine and Lily notes; and base of Cedarwood, Amber, and Woody
Style: Original Small Jar Candle
Price: $11.00

Yankee Candle Afternoon Escape
Yankee Candle Afternoon Escape

The smell of this candle helps you escape from reality after the long day away from your home to an enchanted garden, full of sun and green trees.

Autumn in the Park

Fragrance Notes: Top note of Fresh Apple, Lemon Zest and Fallen Leaves; with middle Apple Tree and Pumpkin note; and base of Amber, Musk, and Patchouli
Style: Medium Tumbler Candle (2-wick)
Price: $26.50

Yankee Candle Autumn in the Park
Yankee Candle Autumn in the Park

For those who love fall, the scent of fresh peeled apple and the sound of crispy fallen leaves. Feel like on the afternoon autumn walk between colorful trees with the dash of lemon zest and pumkin.

Bahama Breeze

Fragrance Notes: Top note of Exotic Fruits, Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Grapefruit; with middle Mango, Peach, and Tropical Fruits note; and base of Musk
Style: Medium Perfect Pillar™ Candle
Price: $21.00

Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze
Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze

Do you want to induce the summer vibe? This cool summer refreshment brings you back to the summer afternoon full of coctails and the bowl full of exotic fruits with the sound of the sea in the background.

Black Sand Beach

Fragrance Notes: Top note of Black Peppercorn; with middle Night Blooming Jasmine and Black Orchid note; and base of Dark Woods, Patchouli and Vanilla Bean
Style: Original Large Jar Candle
Price: $29.50

Yankee Candle Black Sand Beach
Yankee Candle Black Sand Beach

Black orchid, jasmine and patchouli creat a strong and clean scent and make you feel like on the beach full of black volcanic sand watching the waves of the sea.

A Calm & Quiet Place

Fragrance Notes: Top note of Mandarin Leaf; with middle Jasmine and Cedarwood note; and base of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber Musk
Style: Small Tumbler Candle
Price: $17.00

Yankee Candle A Calm Quiet Place
Yankee Candle A Calm Quiet Place

Close your eyes and appear in a calm and quiet place after a ruch day with the scent of gentle jasmine, a shiwper of patchouli and warm amber musk.

Gift Set Christmas – Holiday Favorites

Fragrances: Sparkling Cinnamon Candle, Balsam & Cedar Candle, Christmas Cookie Candle, Frosty Gingerbread Candle
Style: Set of 12 1.75-oz candles (for one fragrance 3 candles)
Price: $24.00

Yankee Candle Holiday Favorites
Yankee Candle Holiday Favorites

You don’t know which one to choose for your Christmas Holiday? Don’t worry, here is the set of Christmas favourites freagrances, so you can try all of them and fill in the home with the Christmas atmosphere.

Where to Buy Yankee Candle?

Since the brand became so famous, now it is much easier to get the candles. Of course, you can find all the types of candles on the official website of Yankee Candle, but there are many other options where to buy these candles, sometimes even more affordable. Here are some examples of online stores where you can buy Yankee Candle.


Yankee Candle at Amazon
Yankee Candle at Amazon

You can find almost everything on Amazon. There is also an offer of the many kinds of Yankee Candle candles for different prices. You can find cheaper but also more expensive products of this brand here. The reviews of the customers can be helpful as well.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Yankee Candle at Bed Bath Beyond
Yankee Candle at Bed Bath Beyond

This online store provides you all you need to make your house cozy, comfortable, and pretty. They offer not only necessary house products such as furniture, bedding, or towels but also accessories that decore your home and fill it with lovely scents – including Yankee Candle.


Yankee Candle at Hallmark
Yankee Candle at Hallmark

Hallmark offers besides others a lot of products of Yankee Candle. You can choose from many styles, colors, and scents and facilitate the decision thanks to customer reviews. The website is very simple, summary, and provides all important information about its products.


Yankee Candle at Kohls 1
Yankee Candle at Kohl’s

Kohl’s, as one of the stores where you can find almost everything for your home, provide also a huge offer of Yankee Candle products. To make your selection easier, you can sort and filter candles according to style, color, or price.


Yankee Candle at Walgreens 1
Yankee Candle at Walgreens

Walgreens is a store that provides products for your physical and mental health. They also included in their offer Yankee Candle products with a promise they will always make feel better. Even though the offer is not so big, prices are good and there are a few reviews as well.


Yankee Candle at Walmart
Yankee Candle at Walmart

Walmart has an endless offer of products that can delight your room and scented candles are no exception. Great prices and thousands of reviews for every product help you to choose the best fragrance of Yankee Candle.

Extra Tip – How to Stop a Yankee Candle Losing Scent?

The scent of the Yankee Candle products is gorgeous but it can fade away after some time. Here are some tips how to stop a yankee candle losing scent:

Shut the lids tightly
Make sure the lids of the candles are always tightly shut when the candle is not in use, so the fragrance won’t fade away. If the candle doesn’t have a lid, cover them as well.

Cool place in the shadow
Keep the candles away from direct sunlight, intense light, or warm places. When they get warm the fragrance starts to release and keeping them in a cool, dry, and dark place could help to keep the scent.

Keep candles wrapped before use
If the candles are not created in the jar or other dose, should be wrapped in cellophane. To prevent the loss of fragrance, keep the candles wrapped until you use them.

How to Get International Shipping for Yankee Candle?

If there is no store in your town that offers these candles and if the online shops don’t offer shipping to your country, here we are to help you. The process is really easy and there are many ways how to save some money on shipping, so you can get the Yankee Candle to your home. The shipping process can be described in 3 simple steps.

1. Getting a Free USA Address

At Planet Express we can provide you with a free US address in Gardena, California, and also with a premium sales-tax-free address in Portland, Oregon. You can use these addresses for orders from the US stores, or even for packages containing your personal items, eventually gifts from your friends that live in the US.

2. Using Your USA Address

When you have the Planet Express address, feel free to use it for receiving the orders of Yankee Candle products. Once we receive packages addressed to you, we link them with your account and send you the notification email. Then you can take advantage of one of our additional services. Once you decide to send the package to your home address, proceed to step 3.

By the way, at Yankee Candle, you can get free shipping within the US when you buy over $ 100. You can also get a 10% discount on the first order.

3. Choosing The Delivery Method

Before we can send the candle to you, you have to complete the customs declaration. It is an online form where you describe the contents of the package – in this case, it is a scented candle. It is closely tied up with customs and it allows customs officers when checking the imported package.

Once you finish the declaration, you can choose the delivery method that suits your needs. We offer quick delivery methods and even cheap, slower ones. 

TIP: If you order multiple packages from different stores, use the Consolidation service. We will make one package out of many so you can save even more money on postage. You can calculate the postage price using our postage calculator.

Yankee Candle FAQ

?️ What kind of wax does Yankee Candle use?

Yankee Candles are made from vegan paraffin wax, except for beeswax taper candles. Feel free to read more about Yankee Candle here.

? Are Yankee Candle candels safe?

Yankee Candles are made of finest quality ingredients and materials. However, it’s neccessary to burn candles responsibly to ensure their safe use. Feel free to read more about safe use of the Yankee Candles here.

?️ Where to buy Yankee Candle?

Yankee Candle became very popular and now it is much easier to get the candles. Check the list of the online stores where you can buy Yankee Candle and also read more about thist brand and its products here.

?️ What makes Yankee Candle better?

Yankee Candle provide a wide range of special and original scents. Moreover the design of the candles is really lovely and you can choose from various colors and styles. Read more about what makes Yankee Candle special here.

✈️ How to get international shipping for Yankee Candle?

If you wish to buy Yankee Candle from the online store that doesn’t provide shipping to your country, here we are to solve your problem. Take advantage of Planet Express service who can deliver the candle to your home in just 3 simple steps:
1. Step: Get a free USA address by creating Planet Express account
2. Step: Use your USA address as a delivery address when you order Yankee Candle products
3. Step: Ship your package from our warehouse (your USA address) and choose from various shipping methods we provide you.

Feel free to read more here.

⌛ How long does Yankee Candle burn for?

There is a lot of types of Yankee Candle candles and each of them has a differen burn time. The maximum burn time have Original Large Jar Candles – they can burn about 110 – 150 hours.
Feel free to read more here.

❔ How to stop a Yankee Candle losing scent?

To prevent your candles to lose the scent make sure you keep the lids shut when are not in the use; keep candles in cool, dry and dark place and keep them wrapped in the protection material before use. Feel free to read more here.