Get International Shipping for Subscription Boxes from the USA. Here is How!

Subscription boxes are popular. The principle is simple. You just subscribe to some service and you get products on a monthly basis. The choice is wide. Women love cosmetic and beauty boxes (like BoxyCharm, IPSY, Allure Beauty Box, FabFitFun), coffee & tea subscriptions, etc. Men appreciate monthly shaving products (Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s …), fashion, beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages subscriptions.

Unfortunately, not all these services ship outside of the US. But, there is a solution. We will show you how to get these subscriptions to your country, and, as a bonus, we will give you some inspiration which subscription boxes you can subscribe to. Subscription boxes can be good gifts too! So, let’s start with the basics.

1. You Need a US Address

In order to get subscription boxes from the US, you have to have the US address. Most of the subscription boxes’ services don’t offer international shipping. So, you need to provide them with the address in the USA to which they can send the products. You can get a free US address from Planet Express within 5 minutes. It is easy.

You don’t have to sign up if the subscription box service offers international shipping.

2. Set up the Subscription Box

Once you sign up for the service, just select the subscription type. For example, Boxycharm offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription periods. Of course, the longer the period, the lower the price per package.

Read our tutorial on How to Get International shipping for Boxycharm.

You have the subscription now. Great. Now just wait until your first box is delivered to your Planet Express address. We will notify you by email when we receive your package.

3. Forward The Box to Your Country

Have you received an email from us informing you that your subscription box has been delivered to our warehouse? Excellent! Now, fill in the customs declaration (see how). You will have to pay customs and VAT if the value of your package is above the de minimis threshold for your country.

For example, the European Union has the duty threshold of 120€ and the VAT threshold of 22€. So, if the package value is below these thresholds, you don’t have to pay the import duties.

When you finish the customs declaration, you can select the delivery method for your country. If you want your package quickly, select DHL or FedEx methods. Otherwise, USPS or Planet Mail is the way to go. These methods are very affordable. The shipping of your package will probably cost around $15 (depending on its size & weight and used delivery method).

Here is are the carriers we work with:

dhl logo square
fedex square logo
usps square logo

Feel free to calculate the price of the shipping in advance with our calculator. You will probably don’t know the weight and the dimensions of your package, so make some estimates. Use more weight and larger dimensions so you can be surprised when the real price will be lower.

We promised you in the beginning that we will provide you with some inspiration for the US subscription boxes. So, here they are!

Subscription Boxes For Women

There are hundreds of subscription boxes on the market. The following subscription boxes are really popular among women.

boxycharm 500x250px
Boxycharm (beauty)
YogaClub 500x250px
YogaClub (yoga)
rocksbox 500x250px
Rocksbox (jewelry)
FabFitFun 500x250px
FabFitFun (cosmetics)
KnitCrate 500x250px
KnitCrate (knitting)
Popsugar 500x250px
Popsugar (beauty)
Box Of Style 500x250px
Box of Style (fashion)
Bean Box 500x250px
Bean Box (coffee)
Book of the Month 500x250px
Book of the Month (books)

Subscription Boxes For Men

Men’s subscription boxes are dominated by fashion accessories, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine), shaving accessories, fitness supplements, etc. Below we have selected several subscriptions for your inspiration.

Dollar Beard Club 500x250px
Dollar Beard Club (shaving)
Watchgang 500x250px
Watch Gang (watches)
Bombfell 500x250px
Bombfell (fashion)
Gentelmans Box 500x250px
Gentlemen’s Box (accessories)
Wine of the Month Club 500x250px
Wine of the Month Club (wine)
Dollar shave club 500x250px
Dollar Shave Club (shaving)
JackedPack 500x250px
JackedPack (fitness)
The Underwear Expert 500x250px
The Underwear Expert (underwear)
Robb Vices 500x250px
Robb Vices (lifestyle)