How Repack Request Works

repack request example

Repack request is one of the most useful services. The main reason why is because you can save a lot of money on shipping. Instead of sending one big box with a lot of empty space we can repack the package into the smallest box possible. Usually packages are much bigger then the product itself. … Read more

How To Order From

Hermes V1

We have decided to prepare a series of tutorials on how to order from luxury brands for you. Right from the start, we begin with one of the most luxurious brands – the French manufacturer of clothes, shoes, watches, and perfumes, Hermès, founded in 1837. 1. Get Your US Address From Planet Express To be … Read more

Updated Shipping Rates For DHL

We have some great news for you! Since Planet Express was launched, we promised you if we send more package, we will be able to get better shipping rates. And now it’s here!  We just renew our contract with DHL and able to secure a very low shipping rate. The postage cost is much lower … Read more

How To Upgrade Your Airpods To Make Them Even Better?

Planet Express Airpods ENG

We love technology – and especially those from Apple. An example of this may be the Apple Airpods introduced in 2016. Although manufacturers like Xiaomi, Beoplay, Sony, Bose, and others try hard to produce great products headphones, Airdpods still seem to be the best wireless headphones. However, the sound quality does not belong to the best, … Read more