How To Get Cashback From Online Stores? [GUIDE]

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Do you know that when buying online you can get some money back from buying? There are many sites on the market also called cashback portals. In our article, we will present 3 in our opinion best cashback portals, thanks to which you can save a lot of money. We will also explain how cashback … Read more

How to buy and send wine from the USA?

We have a great message for you. We have obtained a license to ship alcohol! So we can offer our dear customers another great service. In today’s article, we’ll explain how the process works, where to buy wine, and why you should order it from the US. How Does It Work? Ordering and forwarding US … Read more

New Fedex Shipping Rates

Since we send more and more packages everyday, we are able to negotiate better rates from the carriers. That’s something what we was wondering about when we have launched Planet Express. To be able to get better shipping rates. And now it’s happening! 🙂 Yesterday we have signed a new contract with Fedex. Thanks to … Read more

USPS To Bolivia Is Working Again

We have good news for all Bolivian customers. USPS started delivering to Bolivia again! Now the following shipping methods are available to Bolivia: USPS Express Planet Mail Express So if you have a package at our warehouse, you can send it. It’s also possible that your package is still on the way or has been … Read more

Where To Buy Toys

There are all kinds of places where you can get your child a toy to brighten his/her day. Of course, where to go for that special toy can be a bit confusing. Which store is the best? Do you go to an actual toy store or a retail store? Should you visit a well-known brand … Read more

Packages To Bolivia Update 3/31/2018

You have probably heard about the current situation in Bolivia. If not please see this blog post. The problem is that Bolivia stopped receiving of international packages and they blocked them. Thanks to it USPS (Postal office in the US) decided to not sent new packages to Bolivia until the situation will be solved. What … Read more