Packages To Bolivia Update 3/27/2018

Recent, Bolivia’s Postal system is going through some changes or strike that they will not receive, store or process any packages sent into Bolivia anymore. USPS thought Bolivia’s Postal Office would be able to resolve this issue but looks like it may last for a while. USPS will return the packages that were held at … Read more

We Accept Bitcoin Cash

We have goods news for all crypto fans. Now we are able to accept Bitcoin Cash payments! 🙂 Since the beginning, we use Bitpay for accepting of crypto currencies. For many years, Bitpay was able to accept only Bitcoin but a few days ago, they have started accepting of Bitcoin Cash. Thanks to it you … Read more

Getting Alcohol & Wines From The US With Planet Express

If you’re living in Europe, Asia, Australia or anywhere in the world and have been wanting to try some alcoholic beverages, fine wines, or beer from the breweries across the US, now you can! Maybe you just have found a bottle of exclusive alcohol sold in the US only, you are looking for stores where … Read more

We Extended The Free Storage For Our Premium Mail Box Plan

Sometimes you need to store your packages at our warehouse for some time. For example, when you wait for other packages because of consolidation or in case you just want to receive your package later. At Planet Express, there are two plans (Free Mail Box and Premium Mail Box). Free Mail Box plan has 10 … Read more

Discounted Jeans for March 2018

It is common knowledge that men will always settle for jeans that are comfy and fashionable. In fact, I am sure more than 90% of men will tell you their most comfortable pants are jeans and the reason being that jeans are the one set of pants you can depend on at all times. I … Read more

The Best Places To Buy A Laptop In 2020

The Best Places To Buy A Laptop

Thinking about buying a new laptop, but you do not know where to get it? We have a list of the best places to buy a laptop for you. And there is more! We also add tips on how to save even more money on your next laptop purchase. All of the following stores are … Read more