Shipping From The US To Guam (GUIDE) ??

Shipping from the USA to Guam

Do You Want To Ship To Guam From The US? Whether you want to send a care package to your husband at Naval Base Guam, or you want to order from the US online stores that don’t ship to Guam directly, you are on the right page. Shipping to Guam from the USA takes between 2 … Read more

Planet Express Is 3 Years Old!

Planet Express 3rd birthday

Another year passed, and Planet Express is already three years old. Sounds crazy, right? 🙂 Three incredible years full of learning, hard work, and incredible grown. Thank you very much for making this happen, because it would not be possible without our customers.  Join the party and celebrate this anniversary with us! We have some … Read more

Shipping Car Parts From The USA To YOUR Country (GUIDE)

shipping car parts from usa

Do you need to ship car parts from the USA to Australia, the UK, Canada, or any other country? Great! We got you covered. Below, you will find everything you need to know about shipping small car parts from the USA. Table of Contents • How Much Does It Cost To Ship Car Parts?• How … Read more

Import OnePlus Nord From the UK to Any Country – Here Is How!

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has just launched its new mid-price range smartphone, OnePlus Nord. As you probably know, it’s availability for international customers is very limited. We won’t be diving into tech-specs, OnePlus Nord first impressions, etc. (there are more specialized websites for that like AndroidAuthority, Ausdroid, Techradar, The Verge, etc.). In this “guide”, we are going to … Read more

Where to Buy Kirkland Minoxidil And Ship It Worldwide?

where to buy kirkland minoxidil

Minoxidil by Kirkland is a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment for men that may be difficult to get in countries like the UK, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, etc. We are going to explain to you, how you can get this treatment from the US online stores for the best prices possible, and ship it to … Read more

How to Place MPS Mailout Request?

how to place mps request

You can choose from 2 different mailout options in Planet Express administration. We offer normal mailout (more about it on How to Ship a Package page), and FedEx Multi-package Shipment (MPS) mailout. We are going to explain what is the difference between these two mailouts and how to place the MPS mailout request. Normal vs … Read more

Introducing Boleto Flash and Online Banking Transfer by PagBrasil


Growing demand from Brasil customers inspired us. We were thinking about how to make shopping from the US online stores more convenient for Brasilian customers. And we figured it out! We have integrated the PagBrasil payment system that provides you with 2 additional payment methods. You can now pay with Boleto Flash and also with … Read more

Get International Shipping From Target – Here is How

store Target 1200x630px

Target retail & online store is very popular in the US. Unfortunately, it is not available outside of the USA and Canada due to a lack of international shipping. But not anymore! We are going to show you, how to order from Target USA and get international shipping to almost any country. Please, be aware that … Read more

Updated USPS Shipping Rates

usps square logo

On the 1st of July, USPS updated their shipping rates. The reason of the new shipping rates is the situation around COVID, which reduced the worldwide number of flights. Unfortunately because of that, some shipping methods can be a little bit more expensive, but we did our best to get the best rates possible. In … Read more