Fill Your Home with Scents of Yankee Candle

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After a long day outside your home, what can be better than just relax and light on the scented candle that fills the space with the lovely smell? There is a lot of products on the market that can make your home so cozy with their light, fragrances, and design. After we introduce you to … Read more

20 Best Websites For Buying Supplements From (2021 Update)


Food supplements are very popular. One study shows that more than 80% of athletes use some sort of supplement. However, even if you are not a professional athlete but rather a sport active person, you will probably benefit from some sort of food supplements. High-quality food supplements can help you with: Faster regeneration, gaining muscle mass, improving … Read more

Consolidation Saves Money!

Packages for consolidation

We always want to save shipping costs for our customers. Consolidation is the best way to save money and we suggest you should give it a try. We can save your postage cost from 60 to 80% compare to sending shipments individually in their original packaging. Here’s an example below. One of our customers in … Read more

Bolivian WhatsApp Group

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We are still working on improving our service and we are trying to be more close to our customers. That is the reason why we are working on multilanguage customer support. So we would like to introduce you a new way of customer support for Bolivian customers – WhatsApp group. Thanks to our WhatsApp group, … Read more

Switch To Planet Express From Borderlinx

Borderlinx had completely suspended their US operations. Which means Borderlinx’s customers will not have any US address any longer for shopping and use any service. There is some alternative option out there but why not choose Planet Express Shipping LLC. Sign up with us and enjoy the lowest shipping cost, friendly & professional customer service. … Read more

8 Stores Where To Buy Workout Pants

Forever21 yoga pants

Today we have prepared tips for shops where you can buy leggings and pants for various sports such as yoga, running, fitness, and so on. We also have some concrete models for you to inspire. In the end, we also add a brief tutorial on how to order products directly from the US and get … Read more