Get International Shipping From – Here Is How!

Etsy is one of the best-known online marketplaces where you can find original products from handymen and small manufacturers. Most products are handmade and each piece is original. Unfortunately, the possibility of sending a package from a US manufacturer to the rest of the world may not always be available or the shipping costs are overpriced.

That’s why we would like to show you how to get the goods directly from the US to your country for one of the best prices on the market. It takes just a few steps.

• 1st STEPGet a free US address on our website
• 2nd STEP: Order goods from Etsy
• 3rd STEP: Fill in the customs declaration and select the delivery method to your home
• Etsy Shipping FAQs
• Why Planet Express?

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1st STEP: Get the US Address For FREE

To receive orders from Etsy, you need to have a US address because some Etsy sellers may not offer international shipping, and if so, it can be too expensive.

It is really easy to get the US address. And what is more, the address is for FREE! Watch the following video or read our tutorial.

Our Californian address is completely free of charge. Feel free to find out how much does it cost to send a package from the US to your country using our calculator or check our Etsy FAQs section.

2nd STEP: Order From

Before we order the goods, we need to make several edits on Etsy. First, we set up the location of the Etsy website as the ‘United States’. We leave language and currency at your choice, but for universality, we chose the US dollar (USD) as the currency and English as the language. You can edit this setting at the bottom of the page, just click on the flag.

etsy location
Edit the location of the website

When you select the goods, add it to your cart.

etsy item
Add the goods into your cart

You will be redirected to your shopping cart where you will see the price of the goods and shipping.

[1] Choose the payment method in this step already.
[2] You probably will have a prefilled country of delivery depending on where are you from. Therefore, click the address in brackets and enter the United States and ZIP code 90248. Save the address settings.
[3] Continue by clicking PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

etsy cart
These steps are necessary

[2] Select the United States and ZIP code of our warehouse.

etsy cart location
Edit the address to United States, 90248

[3] Now you can continue as a guest or you can sign in to your Etsy account.

etsy guest
Shop as a guest at if you don’t have the account here

Fill in the delivery address. Here you fill the address from us:

etsy shipping address
Fill in the delivery address as in the example above

The system will offer an edited delivery address (it adds 3023 to ZIP code). Feel free to use the suggested address.

etsy shipping address edited
Select the suggested address.

We selected the payment method a few moments ago, now just fill in the payment details and finish the order.

etsy payment
Credit card payment at

Tip: How to track packages more efficiently?

Most of the packages from Etsy shipped across the US arrive within 2 weeks to our warehouse but everything depends on the shipping method. Free delivery takes more time than using paid or express methods. If it seems that nothing happened for a long time, it can mean the following:

1. You received the email (the package has been delivered) but it has been marked as spam. Go through your spam and promo folders in your inbox.
2. The package has not been delivered yet.
a) It is still on its way – wait a few more days.
b) The seller cheated you (this is possible if you order from 3rd party sellers).
3. The package has been delivered to our warehouse but there is no SUITE ID. We marked the package as UNKNOWN PACKAGES. Feel free to contct us and send us proof (screen of the order, invoice…) that the package is yours. Then we will link it to your account.

3rd STEP: Forward your Package to Your Country

When your package from Etsy will be delivered, you will get a notification email from us. The email provides you with the most important info about your package (weight, dimensions, tracking number, etc.).

Before we can forward your package to your home address, it is necessary to fill in the customs declaration. Sign in to your Planet Express account and fill it in according to the instructions on How to fill the customs declaration.

Select the Delivery Method from the US to Your Country

Have you completed the customs declaration? Good, now you can select the delivery method from the US to your country. We recommend using Planet Mail Express or USPS Priority/Express for your packages from Etsy.

Ship your package from Etsy to your country.

Feel free to read the full tutorial on How to send your package.

Tip: Calculate the price of the shipping in advance (even before you receive it in the US) with our postage calculator.

Etsy Shipping FAQs

? Does Etsy ship internationally?

Yes, some sellers ship internationally from Etsy. If they don’t, you can use a package forwarding company like Planet Express. It works in 3 simple steps:
#1 Step: You get a free US address so you can receive packages from Etsy in the US.
#2 Step: Once Planet Express receives your package, you will get a notification email.
#3 Step: You can select the delivery method from the US to Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia – simply worldwide! It is easy and surprisingly cheap.
Feel free to read a full step by step tutorial here.

? How much is the Shipping for Etsy?

The estimated shipping costs and delivery times from the USA for an Etsy package 2.2 lbs, 11×10×5 inches (1 kg, 28×25.5×12.7 cm) are the following:
Planet Mail Express | $23.85 | 20–28 business days
USPS Express | $37.80 | 7–10 business days
FedEx Economy | $36.21 | 4–7 business days
FedEx Priority | $41.58 | 3–5 business days
DHL Worldwide Express | $67.49 | 2–4 business days
Note: The prices were calculated with the Planet Express postage calculator on the 15th of April, 2020. Delivery address: Greece, Athens, 10431. Look at the screenshot from the calculator.
You can calculate the price of the shipping to your home address with our postage calculator.

?‍♀️ Who pays for shipping on Etsy?

The buyer pays for the shipping. The seller may purchase the shipping label but the buyer pays for it.

Planet Express is the Best Choice for Your Orders from Etsy

We provide a first-class service to our customers while maintaining a friendly face. In case of any problems you can contact us and we will help you. In addition to excellent customer support, we also offer other useful services:


Calculate the Postage Price in Advance

You can easily calculate the postage price in advance. Take advantage of our postage calculator. Just fill in some details and you will get an estimate of the price and delivery time.

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If you order more pieces of goods from different stores and you want to save on postage, we recommend using the consolidation serviceYou can save up to 80%.

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Do You Have Any Other Wish?

Do you need to scan documents, remove invoices from the package, check the status of the goods, fill customs declaration or something else? Just make a special request.

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Why are the Planet Express Rates Lower Than Using a Courier?

The whole principle of forwarding packages from the US is really simple. We collect a large number of packages in one place. As a result, we can negotiate prices with our partners (DHL, FedEx, USPS, and others) that are several times lower than if you would ship packages from by courier.

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