How To Return Your Package To The Seller? • Planet Express

From time to time it happens that you need to return a package (from Amazon, for example) to the seller. The reasons may be different. In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you how to return the package via our administration system. Besides package forwarding, we also offer the option to return the package through the Special request.

I Want to Return a Package. What do I Need to Do?

First, at all, answer the question if you have the package in our warehouse [1], or do you have the package already at home [2]?

[1] I Have the Package in Planet Express Warehouse

Sign in to your account and find the package that you want to return. Click on the ADD SPECIAL REQUEST button. Feel free to watch our video tutorial on how to place a special request.

special request
Place the special request by clicking the SPECIAL REQUEST button.

Make sure you also add an attachment in the .pdf format to the request. This attachment will be a return label. To describe a special request, just type something like “Please send the package back to the seller at the address on the label.” You can also place a special request as a priority, so we will process it between the firsts.

special request return package
Fill in the message and add the .pdf return shipping label.

Some sellers don’t provide these labels, so we will need instructions from you on where to send the package. Here, it is easier to proceed as you ship the package to your country for example. Add a new address (the sellers address for returned packages) in your account and submit a mailout request. You will see a postage cost calculation. However, in order to send the package, you must have sufficient credit on your Planet Express account.

VIDEO: How to add credit to your account.

Keep in mind that postage from our store to the seller’s address may be charged (some sellers offer prepaid labels, so returning of the package will cost you $7 only – the handling fee [$2] and a special request [$5]).

[2] I Have the Package at Home

If the goods have already been delivered to your home, you have to send the package directly to the seller’s address. The seller will have the instructions on its website. We recommend choosing a carrier that is established in your country. Take advantage of reviews of your local community and online servers like Trustpilot.

You can also send the package to our address and we will take care of the return (this option is only appropriate if you can not find a carrier that would deliver to the address of the store). Your package needs to get into our warehouse – at your US address. Once the package arrives, we will send you an email. Go back to step [1] and follow the instructions above.

If something is not clear to you, please contact us at [email protected].