How To Return Your Package To The Seller?

It happens from time to time that you need to return a package (from Amazon, or eBay, for example) to the seller. No matter what the reason is, in the following paragraphs, we explain to you how to return the package from our warehouse to the sender. Besides package forwarding, we also offer the option to return the package through the Special request.

I Want to Return My Package. What Do I Need to Do?

First, we would like to ask you one simple question. Do you have the package in our warehouse [1], or do you have the package already at home [2]?

[1.1] I Have the Package in Planet Express Warehouse.

General Returns

First contact the seller to start the return process to be provided a .PDF of the return label. Once you have the return label, open the return request through your dashboard.

Amazon Returns

To return your package to Amazon you will need to create return request with Amazon. IMPORTANT, When processing the return make sure to select “UPS Drop Off Point” as this is the only method that will generate a return label. Once you have the return label in .PDF form, open the return request through your dashboard.

image 3
image 3

Please follow these steps to make a Request:

  1. Go to your account Dashboard.
  2. Find the package to which you want to place the request.
  3. Click “Special request” all request will be made there. (Special, Photos, and Trash)
  4. For returns enter the instructions and attach the .PDF of the return label under Return Package Request.
  5. Make sure you “SUBMIT” the request. 
  6. Make sure to add enough fund to cover the return request. Once we complete the request, we will let you know via email.
return package
return package

Keep in mind that prepaid shipping labels are only accepted for returns, the request will be canceled if you are shipping the package out to a regular address.

Returning of the package by using prepaid shipping label will cost you $7 – the handling fee [$2] and a special request [$5], plus any additional requests made on the package.

[1.2] I Have the Package in Planet Express Warehouse And I Don’t Have Pre-Paid Label

Some sellers don’t provide return shipping labels, so you need to place a Mailout request. Add a new address (the address where the package is supposed to be returned) in your account and submit a mailout request. Keep in mind that postage from our store to the seller’s address will be charged.

[2] I Have the Package at Home

If the package has already been delivered to your home, you will have to send the package directly to the seller’s address.

Packages that have been delivered to your home address cannot be returned by using Planet Express because we ship from the USA (the UK) only.