How to Consolidate Your Packages?

how to consoldiate packages

Package consolidation is one of the ways how to save even more money on international shipping. Consolidation means merging several packages into one. We offer package consolidation for our premium members only, so make sure you activate it before you try to place a consolidation request. How to Place Consolidation Request? To consolidate packages, watch … Read more

How To Return Your Package To The Seller?

how to return package

It happens from time to time that you need to return a package (from Amazon, or eBay, for example) to the seller. No matter what the reason is, in the following paragraphs, we explain to you how to return the package from our warehouse to the sender. Besides package forwarding, we also offer the option to … Read more

What Is The Expected Packages Tab For?

expected packages eng

Today, we’d like to explain what is the Expected packages tab for. You can find it in the administration and it can help to speed up package processing. You have noticed in our new user interface that the PACKAGES menu offers 4 different tabs: Packages in Account Mail Out In Process Sent Packages Expected Packages … Read more