FedEx Updated Rates

It’s autumn which means the top season for package forwarding business. Because we want to offer the best deal for our customer in this busy season we got new rates from FedEx. And what does it mean? Since now we offer additional discount 5% on all FedEx shipping methods (Priority, Economy, Ground, Express Saver). We always … Read more

New Packages October 2017

As we are still the newest package forwarding service on market we still don’t process thousands of packages. But all companies are small in some part of development process. Planet Express is it the same situation. But good news. We are still getting more and more packages! 🙂 Packages from DHL We also have more … Read more

Aramex is going to be available in a few weeks


Update 12,7.2018: We are moving the cooperation to Q4 2018. Since we are getting more and more customers we decided to start offering Aramex! Now we are negotiating rates and we have really good news. We are going to have really good rates! What’s Aramex Aramex is a leading delivery method for the Middle East. … Read more

Transferwise – the easiest way how to send wire transfer

As you know we accept a lot of payment methods. A lot of customers prefer Paypal or Amazon Pay but there are still some customers who prefer wire transfer. As you know it can be expensive to send wire transfer but there is easy way how to send money with low fees. For European customers … Read more

Packages From Our Competitors

This week we have found from our customers some problems with delivery of packages from our competitors. You know that we have the best prices. That’s the reason why you, our customers simply forward packages from our competitors to Planet Express. Thanks to it you can save tens of $ just on shipping. Of course, … Read more

Affiliate Program

Finally, we’ve launched our affiliate program where’s everybody welcome! We were wondering which system would be the best for our partners. We decided to offer $5 per one customer who does mail out. So if you invite 100 customers and 8 of them do mail out you earn $40. The best thing is that it … Read more

New Graphic Design

After two months from official launch of our service we have updated our website design which looks amazing! 🙂 See some screenshots or just visit our website. We hope that this new design will bring better user experience with Planet Express. If you have any sugestions how to improve our new design we would be … Read more

New Packages At Warehouse

In August we started receiving of packages for our Fulfillment Service. It’s business solution for ecommerce with simple pricing. For up to 250 orders it’s $2 for first item and $0.5 for additional item. So if you want to send one package with 3 items for your ecommerce business you pay $3 per one package … Read more

FedEx Shipping Method Available

fedex logo

Good news everyone! New shipping method is available – FedEx. We offer two versions – Priority and Economy. The only difference is in delivery time. For the Priority it’s 3-5 business days, for the Economy it’s 4-7 business days. Rates are not cheap like USPS or Planet Mail but it offers faster delivery.     So … Read more

How To Track Packages + Tips And Hacks

package tracking new

Nowadays, there are several ways to track your packages that have been shipped through us. And it doesn’t matter if it is a package from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or other online stores. On this page, we’ll show you a few ways to track your packages. We also recommend a few useful sites and mobile apps. … Read more

Update July 2017

It’s almost one month since we launched Planet Express. We started receiving of packages and did first mailouts and consolidations. It’s really exciting to see first happy customers! 🙂 Probably because of our shipping rates and friendly customer support we are getting more and more customers every day.  Bellow, you can see some photos from … Read more

DHL Shipping Method Is Now Available

We have really good news for our customers – DHL shipping rates are available! 🙂 Now when you use our shipping calculator you will see DHL rate if it’s available in your country. DHL is one of the most reliable shipping methods which we offer. With fast delivery, detailed tracking information it’s a good choice for … Read more