The United Kingdom Warehouse Launched

UK warehouse cover

Finally, it is here! Today, we have launched our first warehouse outside the US – in the United Kingdom! This is a soft opening which means that mail out is currently not supported, as we are waiting for approval by DPD. We expect that we will be able to offer mail out via DPD in … Read more

The UK Warehouse And Brexit


Some time ago, we introduced that we are going to open a new warehouse in the United Kingdom. There was a discussion on our Facebook about the influence of Brexit and our new warehouse and we would like to clarify the whole Brexit situation. As you probably know, the United Kingdom left the European Union … Read more

New Warehouse In the UK

American and UK flag

In the previous blog post summary of the year 2019, we mentioned that we plan to open a new warehouse in Europe in 2020. We did not specify a location where the warehouse is going to be. Today, we have a new update about the warehouse – the new warehouse is going to be opened … Read more

Get a Chance To Win 1 Year Of The Premium Plan!

We are thrilled to see the growing popularity of our service. We would like to invite you to a competition where you get a chance to win 1 year of the premium plan (worth $50) for free. We will be choosing 3 winners. Every winner will get a full 1 year of the premium plan. … Read more

Summary of the Year 2019

Oregon opened

The year 2019 already passed, so it is a good time to make a recapitulation of what happened to Planet Express during 2019, but first of all, we want to thank all our customers for this amazing year. Thank you, our Planet Express family! The Busiest Season Ever Let’s start from the end, with the … Read more

Oregon Warehouse Update

Planet Express Oregon Warehouse

It’s already 11 days since we have launched our new warehouse in Oregon. Thanks to the new warehouse, we are able to offer a sales-tax-free address for what our customers were waiting for a long time. Today we want to give you a short update about the current situation of the Oregon warehouse. Supported Shipping … Read more

We Have Opened a Sales-Tax-Free Warehouse

Oregon Warehouse FB Post

Today, we are going to introduce you to something for what you have been waiting for a really long time. But before that, let’s start with some history of Planet Express. ? Planet Express has been founded in June 2017 by a former employee of Shipito, one of our biggest competitors. Since the beginning, we … Read more

Taste America: Traditional American Cocktails

Taste America Cocktails 1

Last time we talked about the best ciders from the US. Today’s topic is similar. We are going to present you selected American cocktails that are known around the world. Maybe there is a bar in your area where they prepare the below-listed cocktails. If not, don’t worry. You can still try to mix them … Read more

Taste America: TOP 10 Ciders Brands from the US

Taste America ciders

Apple wine, more known under the word “cider” (don’t confuse it with “radler” – flavored beer) is growing on popularity. We picked the 10 best ciders manufacturers across the US that you should try! We do not want to go into deep details about exactly how ciders are made, but here are some basics: Fruit … Read more

New Shipping Method USPS ePacket

USPS epacket logo

Note: ‘USPS ePacket’ was rebranded to ‘Postal Service Fully Tracked’ in 2020. After the announcement of updated FedEx shipping rates, we have other news for you. We have launched a new shipping method called USPS ePacket. This shipping method is a replace for USPS Priority for packages which are 4.2 lbs or less. For all … Read more

New Cheaper FedEx Shipping Rates

Fedex Trucks waiting for packages

We have some good news for all of our customers! As we mentioned before, more sent packages = better discount and shipping rate. Today, we have a new & cheaper FedEx shipping rates! We are glad to inform you that we just signed a new huge contract with FedEx that would guarantee us to offer … Read more