Package Was Not Delivered – Business Hours

We have noticed that some customers received a tracking update from a carrier which delivers to Planet Express warehouse, that package was not delivered because of business was closed. But it is not true. Sometimes when a carrier has a lot of packages and simply it’s not possible to load all packages into one delivery car. … Read more

New Fedex Shipping Rates

Since we send more and more packages everyday, we are able to negotiate better rates from the carriers. That’s something what we was wondering about when we have launched Planet Express. To be able to get better shipping rates. And now it’s happening! 🙂 Yesterday we have signed a new contract with Fedex. Thanks to … Read more

USPS To Bolivia Is Working Again

We have good news for all Bolivian customers. USPS started delivering to Bolivia again! Now the following shipping methods are available to Bolivia: USPS Express Planet Mail Express So if you have a package at our warehouse, you can send it. It’s also possible that your package is still on the way or has been … Read more

Packages To Bolivia Update 3/31/2018

You have probably heard about the current situation in Bolivia. If not please see this blog post. The problem is that Bolivia stopped receiving of international packages and they blocked them. Thanks to it USPS (Postal office in the US) decided to not sent new packages to Bolivia until the situation will be solved. What … Read more

Packages To Bolivia Update 3/27/2018

Recent, Bolivia’s Postal system is going through some changes or strike that they will not receive, store or process any packages sent into Bolivia anymore. USPS thought Bolivia’s Postal Office would be able to resolve this issue but looks like it may last for a while. USPS will return the packages that were held at … Read more

We Accept Bitcoin Cash

We have goods news for all crypto fans. Now we are able to accept Bitcoin Cash payments! 🙂 Since the beginning, we use Bitpay for accepting of crypto currencies. For many years, Bitpay was able to accept only Bitcoin but a few days ago, they have started accepting of Bitcoin Cash. Thanks to it you … Read more

We Extended The Free Storage For Our Premium Mail Box Plan

Sometimes you need to store your packages at our warehouse for some time. For example, when you wait for other packages because of consolidation or in case you just want to receive your package later. At Planet Express, there are two plans (Free Mail Box and Premium Mail Box). Free Mail Box plan has 10 … Read more

Recapitulation Of The Year 2017

It has been a while since our last post but it was because of Christmas season which was very busy. In this article, we would like to recapitulate year 2017 because this year is when Planet Express Shipping was born. 🙂 So what happened in 2017? We launched Planet Express in June 2017. We are … Read more

Planet Express Is Now In Czech And Russian

We have more and more customers every day. Not all of them are familiar with English so we have decided to translate our website. So now we are working very hard to get our website and app translated. Now we have two languagues ready: Russian and Czech Next Languages We are also working on another … Read more

FedEx Updated Rates

It’s autumn which means the top season for package forwarding business. Because we want to offer the best deal for our customer in this busy season we got new rates from FedEx. And what does it mean? Since now we offer additional discount 5% on all FedEx shipping methods (Priority, Economy, Ground, Express Saver). We always … Read more

New Packages October 2017

As we are still the newest package forwarding service on market we still don’t process thousands of packages. But all companies are small in some part of development process. Planet Express is it the same situation. But good news. We are still getting more and more packages! 🙂 Packages from DHL We also have more … Read more

Aramex is going to be available in a few weeks


Update 12,7.2018: We are moving the cooperation to Q4 2018. Since we are getting more and more customers we decided to start offering Aramex! Now we are negotiating rates and we have really good news. We are going to have really good rates! What’s Aramex Aramex is a leading delivery method for the Middle East. … Read more