Get International Shipping From Nike USA – Here is How!

If you interested in shopping at Nike USA online store, you probably know the benefits. Nike USA offers the largest selection of Nike shoes, sneakers, clothing and limited editions.

Unfortunately, getting international shipping from Nike USA may seem impossible, right? Not exactly! There is a way…

So, how to get Nike international shipping and get access to the Nike USA? We are going to explain it to you step by step!

• Step #1: Sign up with Planet Express
• Step #2: Order Products from
• Step #3: Get International Shipping for your Package
• Nike USA Shipping FAQ

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Step #1: Sign Up with Planet Express

There are 3 ways how you can shop from the Nike USA online store if you live outside of the US:

1. Find someone who orders from Nike for you which is very time consuming and risky.
2. Fly to the US and shop in Nike there. The downside is obvious – it will probably be very expensive.
3. (Recommended) Use a ‘Shop For Me‘ service so we take care of the purchase for you (the whole process is described in 2nd step).

Before you can take advantage of the Planet Express Shop For Me service, you have to sign up. Here is how to do that:

Besides Shop For Me service, you can also take advantage of the free Californian address, package consolidation, sales-tax-free warehouse, and much more.

Step #2: Let Us Shop For You At Nike USA

Once you activate your Planet Express address, you will be able to place the Shop For Me request. There are 2 main benefits of this service:

1. You can pay us for the order with a foreign credit card (read more), or whatever payment method that suits you best.
2. Some US online stores like Nike don’t ship to addresses provided by package forwarding companies. Shop For Me service solves this limitation.

Place the Shop For Me Order

To place a new shop for me order, please, log into your account, go to the Shop For Me tab and add NEW PURCHASE.

1 Shop For Me Tab
Shop for me tab in Planet Express administration (click to enlarge)

Now, make sure you fill in all the necessary details about the product you want to order (if you want to order more products, you can just repeat the process of adding a new item). We ordered Nike Jordan Delta Women shoes as an example:

Nike Shop For Me Item
Adding a new item to shopping list

Feel free to keep open the tab with the product. You can copy and paste some details about the product to our Shop For Me order form.

Nike Jordan Delta Shoes
Nike Jordan Delta Shoes

Confirm adding a new product by clicking the ADD NEW ITEM button. It will appear in the Shopping list. Once you add the items, complete the additional details about the online store (in our case If you have some discount coupons, let us know its details in the note field so our shoppers can use them (if you don’t maybe you can find some on best deals sites).

Last, but not least, make sure you include the price of the shipping from the online store to our warehouse address and the sales tax* (sales tax is usually calculated based on the delivery address when adding the product to your shopping cart). Finish the order with the FINISH ORDER button.

Nike Shop For Me
Shop For Me item details

*Our shop for me service is not available for our sales-tax-free warehouse in Oregon yet.

The status of your order is “created” now. You can see the amount of the deposit that you have to add (so we can order the goods) in the price field.

Nike Shop For Me Created
Shop For Me order status ‘Created’

If you want to see more detailed info about your ‘Shop For Me’ order, click the EDIT button. We charge a $5 flat fee (for processing the order) and 7% of the total value of your order (to cover eventual banking fees).

Nike Shop For Me Details
Shop For Me order details

Once you add enough deposit, your ‘Shop For Me’ order will be processed by one of our personal shoppers. When we receive your package, you will get a notification email. We process ‘Shop For Me’ orders within 48 hrs. Then we have to wait for the delivery from that takes a few business days.

Tip: How to add the deposit?

Example: How Much Does It Cost to Order Jordan Delta Shoes from Nike?

Now, let’s break down the price for ordering the $130.00 Nike Jordan Delta Shoes.

Nike Jordan Delta Shoes$130.00
Shipping across the US$8.00
Californian sales tax$13.11
Shop For Me flat fee$5.00
Shop For Me transaction fee (7% of subtotal)$10.58

Please, remember, that you will have to pay for the shipping from the USA to your country. The price of international shipping varies depending on the package size & dimensions, and the shipping method.

You may also have to pay for import duties like customs and TAX.

If you would rather buy from different stores than, read our blog post Where to buy Nike products in the USA.

Step #3: Get International Shipping for your Package

When your package from Nike will be delivered to our warehouse, you get a notification email from us. The email provides you with the most important info about your package (weight, dimensions, tracking number, etc.).

Complete the Customs Declaration

Before we can forward your package to your home, it is necessary to fill in the customs declaration. Sign in to your Planet Express account and fill it in according to the instructions on How to fill the customs declaration.

Select the Shipping Method from the US

Once you are done with the customs declaration, you can select the delivery method from the US to your country. Feel free to read the full tutorial on How to send your package.

Nike Shipping FAQ

✈️ Does Nike USA ship internationally?

No, Nike USA online store doesn’t ship internationally (outside of the US). If you want to buy Nike shoes and clothing from Nike USA, you have to use a package forwarding company like Planet Express that offers a ‘Shop For Me’ service. It works in 3 simple steps:
#1 Step: You sign up with Planet Express so you can place a ‘Shop For Me’ request.
#2 Step: Planet Express personal shoppers will receive your order and take care of the purchase from
#3 Step: Once the personal shopper receives the package from, it will be added to your Planet Express account. After that, you can select the shipping method from the USA to almost any country in the world including the UK, Germany, Australia, India, Russia, Japan, and much more!
Feel free to read a full step by step tutorial here.

? Does Nike USA ship to package forwarding addresses?

No, but there is a solution! You can take advantage of Planet Express ‘Shop For Me’ service so you can get products from Nike USA to almost any country. Read more…

?? Does Nike USA ship to the UK?

No. Nike USA doesn’t ship outside of the US. Using a package forwarding address also doesn’t work because Nike blocks these addresses. The only solution is to use a ‘Shop For Me’ service.
Read more…

? How can I order from Nike USA outside the US?

Nike USA makes it a little bit difficult for international shoppers to order from them. It is due to the fact that Nike USA doesn’t ship to the US package forwarding companies.
But, there is a solution on how to order from Nike USA outside of the US! Simply place a ‘Shop For Me’ request with Planet Express and we do the work for you! Here is how it works.

?? Does Nike USA ship to Europe?

No. Nike USA doesn’t ship outside of the US. Using a package forwarding address also doesn’t work because Nike blocks these addresses. The only solution is to use a ‘Shop For Me’ service.
Read more…

Planet Express is the Best Choice for Your Nike Orders

We provide a first-class service to our customers while maintaining a friendly face. In case of any problems you can contact us and we will help you. In addition to excellent customer support, we also offer other useful services:


Calculate the Postage Price in Advance

You can easily calculate the postage price in advance. Take advantage of our postage calculator. Just fill in some details and you will get an estimate of the price and delivery time.

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Why are the Planet Express Rates Lower Than Using a Courier?

The whole principle of forwarding packages from the US is really simple. We collect a large number of packages in one place. As a result, we can negotiate prices with our partners (DHL, FedEx, USPS, and others) that are several times lower than if you would ship shoes and clothing by courier.

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