6+1 Best Websites for Buying Toys From [2020]

We have tips for toys for your beloved spirits. Perhaps every child gets brightened when he gets a new toy that makes him fun. We have prepared a list of the best stores for you to buy toys from various renowned brands (Disney, LEGO …) as well as craftsmen who make original toys. Buying toys … Read more

How to shop Ray-Ban glasses from the USA

Besides Oakley, Gucci and Luis Vuitton, Ray-Ban’s glasses belong undoubtedly among the most popular of all. Ray-Ban’s greatest popularity was in the 1980’s, thanks to the “Aviator” model that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun film. However, Ray-Ban glasses appeared, for example, in Matrix, E.T. and countless other films. They are also very popular among … Read more

Top Cosmetics Brands in the US

top cosmetics brands

The US cosmetics industry was worth $93.5 billion in 2019. The predictions say that the industry will continue to grow by a few percents every year. But, what are the biggest and most famous brands of cosmetics industry that attracts discerning clientele? Let’s find out! Before we dive into one of the best cosmetics brands out … Read more

New Warehouse In the UK

American and UK flag

In the previous blog post summary of the year 2019, we mentioned that we plan to open a new warehouse in Europe in 2020. We did not specify a location where the warehouse is going to be. Today, we have a new update about the warehouse – the new warehouse is going to be opened … Read more

Shop in the UK Stores And Get Worldwide Delivery

stores uk

Shopping in the UK online stores is popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Especially thanks to a wide range of cheap but also high-quality goods from world-known brands. However, some stores do not offer delivery outside the UK. Did you know you can take advantage of our new warehouse in Warrington and … Read more

Get a Chance To Win 1 Year Of The Premium Plan!

We are thrilled to see the growing popularity of our service. We would like to invite you to a competition where you get a chance to win 1 year of the premium plan (worth $50) for free. We will be choosing 3 winners. Every winner will get a full 1 year of the premium plan. … Read more

21 Original Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him & Her

Valentines Day Gifts 2020

You know that feeling, Valentine’s day is coming and you have to think about the gifts – again. We know that it is not easy to come up with new gifts every year so we made it easier for you. Get some inspiration in our list of original Valentine’s day gifts and be prepared for the … Read more

Summary of the Year 2019

Oregon opened

The year 2019 already passed, so it is a good time to make a recapitulation of what happened to Planet Express during 2019, but first of all, we want to thank all our customers for this amazing year. Thank you, our Planet Express family! The Busiest Season Ever Let’s start from the end, with the … Read more

Get International Shipping From Poshmark To Any Country

Poshmark store

Poshmark is one of the biggest online marketplaces with fashion and accessories. The variety of both sellers and brands is huge but here is the catch. Poshmark international shipping is not available (yet). Or is it? We are going to show you how to ship products from Poshmark to Australia, Europe (including the UK, the … Read more

The Best Ship7 Alternative? Try Planet Express

Banner alternative ship7

Ship7 is a US-based package forwarding company that you can use for shopping from the US stores. But did you know there is a Ship7 alternative called Planet Express? Let’s compare these 2 services and find out which one is the best for you. Main Benefits of Planet Express Pricing Comparison Shipping Rates Comparison Sales-tax-free … Read more

The Best Parcl Alternative? Try Planet Express

Banner alternative parcl

Parcl is not a traditional package forwarding service – they create a “marketplace” where buyers and shoppers (also called forwarders) meet. You create a request on their website and their shoppers provide you with an offer. If you agree with it, they do the shopping for you. But, did you know that most of the … Read more