The Best ShopMate Alternative? Try Planet Express

ShopMate is a package forwarding service that is run by Australian post. It was launched in November 2014 and it offers package forwarding from the USA to Aussie shoppers. However, their services don’t have to suit everybody’s needs due to a lack of flexibility when choosing different delivery methods, bad customer support, problems with packing, etc. So, let’s find out if there is some better ShopMate alternative.

  • Main Benefits of Planet Express
  • Pricing Comparison
  • Shipping Rates Comparison
  • Sales-tax-free Warehouse
  • Planet Express Reviews
  • Why Planet Express is the Best ShopMate Alternative?
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The Best ShopMate alternative? Try Planet Express

Planet Express Benefits

Planet Express offers the same basic service as ShopMate, however also some handy additional services. Below, you can see the main benefits of Planet Express.

  • Clear pricing (see the table below)
  • The best shipping rates
  • Professional customer support
  • The best customer reviews on Trustpilot in the package forwarding industry

Shipping Rates

The good thing is that you can calculate the prices of the shipping in advance using postage calculators on ShopMate and even ShopMate alternative, Planet Express, website. For better comparison, below is a table with rates to different cities across Australia.

Shipping to:   Perth Sydney Brisbane

Package dimensions
10×8×3 inches

Package weight
4 lbs


Postal Service: Fully Tracked $30,82 $30,82 $30,82
USPS Express $43,50 $43,50 $43,50
FedEx Economy $33,46 $33,46 $33,46
FedEx Priority $37,93 $37,93 $37,93
DHL Worldwide Express $41,58 $41,58 $41,58
ShopMate International Shipping  61,43 AUD = 41,63 USD*

Planet Express shipping rates have been updated on the 26th of November 2019.
ShopMate shipping rate is GST included. This rate has been calculated on the 26th of November 2019. Check the GST thresholds on the Planet Express website.

As you can see, Planet Express and also ShopMate rates are the same for all cities across Australia. So it doesn’t matter if you ship to Perth, Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane. The delivery times depend on the delivery method. ShopMate claims that the delivery time of their service is 5–8 business days to major cities. This estimate doesn’t include eventual delays due to customs, etc.

If you want to find out the estimated delivery times and all available methods for your package sent from the USA to Australia, use the Planet Express postage calculator. And, as a bonus, you will also see the price of the shipping.


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The more expensive methods like DHL Worldwide Express, FedEx Priority, and FedEx Economy, are suitable for those that want to enjoy the content of the package as soon as possible. The cheaper delivery methods are excellent ‘budget’ options if you don’t need your package as quickly.

Compare Pricing of Planet Express and ShopMate

Now, let’s have a look at the additional services that are really important to some more demanding customers. What if you want to take some pictures of the package? What if you need to consolidate or repack the packages? Below is a comparison of the most popular additional services.

$50 per year
MAIL OUT FEE / HANDLING FEE $2 per package $2 per package
CONSOLIDATION n/a $5+$2 per each consolidated package
7 days of free storage for consolidated package
$5,45 per each consolidated package
FREE STORAGE 10 days 45 days 21 days
ADDITIONAL STORAGE $.01 per lbs per day $.01 per lbs per day 2 AUD per package per day
MANUALLY PHOTO REQUEST $2 for 3 general photos
$5 for 10 detail photos
$2 for 3 general photos
$5 for 10 detail photos
PRE-ORDER PHOTO REQUEST $1 for 3 general photos
$2 for 10 detail photos
$1 for 3 general photos
$2 for 10 detail photos
SPECIAL REQUEST $5 flat fee per package $5 flat fee per package n/a
SHOP FOR ME $5 service fee
7% of the total cost (bank fee)
$5 service fee
7% of the total cost (bank fee)
OVERWEIGHT FEE (for packages over 10 lbs)

Planet Express rates for additional services were updated from the official website on the 26th of November 2019.
ShopMate pricing was updated on the 26th of November 2019.

From the table above is clear that ShopMate doesn’t offer several basic additional services like additional photos of the package, special request, repack request, shop for me, etc. Also, the consolidation fee is much higher than the fee of ShopMate alternative, Planet Express.

There is also a maximum size & weight limit for packages sent by ShopMate:
Maximum weight – 22 kg
Maximum length – 1,05 m
Maximum volume – 0,25 m3

Sales-tax-free Warehouse

Planet Express has a warehouse in Portland, Oregon. This means that you can enjoy sales-tax-free shopping. However, if you want the best shipping rates possible, you can take advantage of our warehouse in California.

Planet Express Oregon Warehouse
Portland, Oregon warehouse of Planet Express

Reviews of Planet Express

You can find a lot of reviews of Planet Express on different review websites. However, at Trustpilot, we have an EXCELLENT rating. Feel free to also check our reviews on Facebook, Google or Sitejabber.

ShopMate reviews are not very good. Check one of the largest Australian websites for product & services reviews,, and you will see tons of 1-star reviews.

Planet Express Trustpilot Rating

Summary Of The Best ShopMate Alternative

People at Planet Express are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible. We started our business in 2017, however, we grow rapidly and our warehouse is almost full!

Friendly and Responsive Customer Support

Feel free to take advantage of our friendly and responsive customer support. Our agents will answer you almost any question regarding package forwarding. Contact us if something is not clear to you. We are here to help you.

Useful Knowledge Base and Tutorials

Also, feel free to read our USA to Australia guide so you will find all the information needed when shipping from the US to your country.

And finally, if you are not sure how to place a consolidation, repack, or special request, and what is the next step what should you do, visit our tutorials page.

You told us where do you like to shop so we prepared step by step guides on how to order from the most popular US stores.

Planet Express vs ShopMate FAQ

✅ Why should I use Planet Express instead of ShopMate?

1. At Planet Express, you know what you pay for. We have transparent pricing.
2. We provide you with responsive and friendly customer support – our agents will answer your questions and help you solve your needs. 
3. We have a fully dedicated country and store guides. If you struggle with placing an order, you can follow our step by step tutorials that make shopping from the US easy.

? Does Planet Express have a good customer support?

Our customer support is responsive and helpful. We are able to respond to most of your questions within 12 hrs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding shopping in the US, package forwarding or logistics.

? Does Planet Express offer sales-tax-free warehouse?

Yes, we have warehouses in California and Oregon. Our warehouse in Oregon is completely sales-tax-free. Enjoy shopping in the US with no sales tax!